Monday, 11 December 2017

Inspiring talk with Andrew Patterson and Raenan

Today we had a second talk with Andrew Patterson plus a guest named Raenan. Andrew Patterson and Raenan gave us a lot of inspiring points for the year 8's. 

Raenan goes to Tamaki College and is currently a year 12. He use to come to our school back 2014.

Raenan told us that when you start year 9 you get kind of nervous, but when you move up to year 12 you will get use to it.

Andrew Patterson showed us a boy that did his speech in front of different teachers. His name was Dwight. His speech was inspiring. Andrew Patterson told us that his dad was a gang member and he spent 8 years in jail.

The best point that inspired me was take advantage of the opportunities.

We learn from our mistakes. That was one of the points to. The year 8's need to get ready for College and I am heading for Selwyn College. Enjoy!

Lady Esme and the stolen fire gems

Measurement angles

Hello readers last week we learned about angles. We were learning about Acute angles, Obtuse angles, Right angle, Reflex angle and a straight angle. As you can see we had to find out what each angle looks like and we had to find out about the degrees of the angle. Like a right angle that is 90 degrees. Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay tuned for more. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tonga's journey

Pourquoi story - How the giraffe got his long neck

How the giraffe got his long neck

A long time ago, there’s was a giraffe that really loved his height. His neck was short, but he was tall. He really loved eating leaves from the tree’s.

He had a best friend and his name was Jimmy the Gorilla. Jimmy the Gorilla always invites the giraffe to his home. The giraffe was happy because there was a lot of tree’s. Jimmy the Gorilla always tells the giraffe to tell me before you come to my house.

One day the giraffe was really hungry because he didn’t have enough leaves on his small tree’s. The giraffe knew that he wasn't allowed to go to his friend’s house.

He couldn't help it so he snuck into Jimmy the Gorilla’s house. Jimmy the Gorilla was sleeping so it was a good time for the giraffe. The giraffe started to eat the leaves from the small tree’s.

The giraffe was still hungry, so he tried reaching for the tree’s that are higher than his height . He tried getting the leaves, but his head got stuck into big branches. He called for Help.

“ Jimmy! HELP ”, shouted the giraffe. Jimmy the Gorilla woke up. He saw his friend stuck in the branches. He pulled the giraffe’s leg as hard as he could. He kept pulling until the giraffe got released.

The giraffe was relieved. He noticed that something was strange. His neck turned long. He was happy, so now he can reach the high tree’s.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Consider someone else's viewpoint

WALT: Consider someone else's viewpoint.

So yesterday our class was working on agreements and disagreements. We got given a statement from Mr Wiseman. We had to agree to this statement or disagree to this statement. Watch the video to get more information.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

RLWC - 2017

Image result for rlwc teams

RLWC 2017 teams. Scotland, Tonga, Papua New guinea, Kiwis, Australia, Samoa, England, Fiji, USA, Lebanon, France and Italy. This week is going to be the quarter finals. Its Australia vs Samoa at Darwin stadium. Kiwis vs Fiji at Wellington Regional stadium. Tonga vs Lebanon at Christchurch stadium. England vs Papua New guinea at Melbourne rectangular stadium.