Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Burger king

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I like burger king because I like their burger BBQ rodeo it so nice it makes me eat a whole bunch of them. I like it when the onion rings are nice and crispy, and I like it when the paddy's and cheese is nice.
The second burger I like is the whopper jr. it is so nice it makes my mouth melt. I like it because the paddy is nice, and the texture of the paddy ummmm!!!!! nice. The burger comes from Burger king.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Have you ever been to Jump?
Image result for jump east tamakiLast Thursday me and my family went to Jump in East Tamaki. We went to Jump because we all planned to go there. Once we got there we started to walk in through the entrance. My aunty went to go pay the ticket so that we could go in. When she paid it we all walked to the trampolines and we all started to jump.

Image result for jump east tamakiWhen you go to jump there are all kinds of trampolines there is normal ones, big ones, angle ones and even GIGANTIC ONES!!! There is a basketball hoop where you can get the ball and you can slam dunk and shoot it. When we played around one of the jump helpers said”all of use on the trampoline you guys have to come off “ , so we all came off. Once we got our shoes we walked to the car and we went to burger king ummmmm my favorite.

At burger king I had a BQQ rodeo combo. It was NICE. After that we were tired so we all went home.THE END