Thursday, 31 August 2017

Geometry - Shapes

This is our cards that we made with cardboard. Each card stands for a shape. Like if I did What has 4 equal sides you guys will know it's a square. We made 6 cards, but each has a lot of questions to answer. 

Getting ready for college - Selwyn College!

This year as a year 8 is my last year at Pt England. Next year I will be leaving and that will be sad, because I have been a Pt England school ever since I was young. Next year I will be at Selwyn College which is found near Kohimarama primary school. Reason why I want to go to Selwyn College is because it's more educated and I really want to play sports like Basketball and Rugby. ENJOY!
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Make a quality blog comment!

Comment:Click here  Seth's Blog post

Here is my comment.
Kia Orana Seth, If you don't know me I am actually from Pt England. I really enjoy reading your blog, especially your blog posts. I love art and this post has inspired me. Keep it Up! Question, How does art relate to you?

To make a quality blog comment you have to think before you write. Re-Reading you comment is another good thing to do, because you don't know there might be mistakes. Make sure your comment doesn't have a lot of explanation marks because that can be boring. End with a question to make it more valuable. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 28 August 2017

The Area of Objects

On week 5 we had to do a presentation called The Area of Objects, on this presentation we had to find out the Length and the Width for each shape. We were given shapes to work out. As you can see that on the last slide, I did work with Miss Jennings. I measured the flat screen and this is what the answers were.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Don't drink energy drinks - speech

A article that I read was published back in 2014. This article that I read was about a sixteen year old girl that died, by drinking too much energy drink. By the way her name was Lanna Haman.

And that's why people shouldn't be drinking any energy drinks.

Image result for dont drink energy drinksMy sister started to drink energy drinks everyday, sometimes I see her sitting down on the couch drinking Lift plus. Few weeks later she got addicted to it, but why does she love it so much.  

Energy drinks contains heaps of caffeine, which isn’t good for you. The Caffeine in Energy drinks is a whole lot different than average drinks. Energy drinks contain a high level of sugar, which could make people love it so much.

Did you know that energy drinks include a bit of alcohol, so if you had one that means you been drinking a bit alcohol as well.

Another ingredient is Vitamin B. Vitamin B is included Energy Drinks, Some know that it’s good for your health, but too much can be dangerous.

People had situations with energy drinks, because the drink is strong and unhealthy. If your under 10 shouldn't be drinking energy drinks. Even if you're older, you still shouldn't be drinking any like Mr Wiseman.

The last ingredient is taurine, taurine is a acid that people add in energy drinks. But be careful it’s dangerous.

People our age shouldn't be drinking any, because it’s too strong for our body.

Hope you boys and girls enjoy. Thank you.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Perimeter L3

Hello this is my work I did for the week, as you can see that my presentation is at the top and my video with my buddy Tom is at the bottom. This task is about meters and centimeters and we had to find out the perimeter for each shape that was given. My buddy was Tom, so me and him worked on this presentation together. We had to draw a rectangle, that had been measured. Our main project was to create a car park that could fit 8 cars in the car park. Enjoy!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Speeches - Reflection

This week our class had to do a speech, and all of us had to reflect on it. I have done 2 videos, of my speech and my reflection.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Digital Footprint

Every Thursday we have sessions with Ms Shearing, well in week 3 we had to make our own digital footprints. As you can see that the map shows my history. Our class had to create our own one, but this one is mine.

Do the Right thing! - Poster

This poster is to tell other people about what to do when there on there device. 
So when others get worried and don't know what to do, then think before you post something. Stay on track with your task. Do the right thing and don't be dogey.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Measurement - L3

This week we are learning about measurements. In this task we are learning to find the measurements of each body part, so like we have to take a photo on the iPad, then put it on the slide, so that we can measure it with the measuring tape. Enjoy!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Jack No name (Novel)

 This week we have been reading novels, not baby books Novels. The book that Mr Wiseman chose for our group ( bears ) was called Jack No Name. In this book we had to find out what did it symbolize, what does this book mean and how does it inspire you. So we had to write about the different stuff we found in this book. So read more to find out more about this amazing book.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ten In Numbers

Last week we did a presentation called Tens In Numbers. In this presentation we had to find out groups of ten. As you can see that I answers all of the questions in each slide. My favorite slide was when we had to create our own ones. Enjoy!