Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My own side scroller game

WALT: Create a side scrolling game.

This is my plan about making a side scroller game.We had to make are own character and are own background.My character can breathe fire and he can attack with his sharp claws, his sharp teeth and his spiked tail.My character's name is fire burn and he is a tiger.

I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

My two friends birthday

Image result for megazone logoImage result for bowlingIn the holidays we I went to my friend T.J and Zacks birthday.But first I went to T.J birthday.We went to bowling at Mt Wellington.When we got inside we had to wear bowling shoes.When it started T.J went first and then it was Zack and then me.
Until it was finish the winner was Zack.We really wanted to play at the arcade so T.J’s mum went to go buy tokens for us to play.

When we got the tokens me and Zack only had six tokens but T.J had the rest.I went to go and play this basketball game you have to shoot the basketball on the hoop and you have to try and get the highest point.When it finish I got lots of tickets.The tickets are to buy are prize at the end.When it was finish we went to burger king.After that we went back home.

Not long ago it was Zack’s birthday.We went to Mega Zone.The first thing we did was going on the bumper cart.We went around and around on the bumper carts.Then after that we got tokens to play on the games.Me and Zack was trying to get the rugby balls and the tickets.Then it was are turn to play Lazer tag.The first bit was when we went in this room and this lady she would tell you the instructions but a video.

The video was about how to put it on and the rules like you are not allowed to duck down because if you duck down then the other person might walk over you and they would get hurt.We were Team green and we vs Team blue and Team red.When it started all of us had names on are gun my name was conner.All of us started shooting each other.After that the man said stop so we placed our gear and went.When we looked at the board are team won we were happy and then Zacks mum said lets finish off are tokens so we did.

All of us finish are tokens so we went to burger king.When we got to burger king we eat so much that we wanted to go home so we went home.THE END