Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Pourquoi story - How the giraffe got his long neck

How the giraffe got his long neck

A long time ago, there’s was a giraffe that really loved his height. His neck was short, but he was tall. He really loved eating leaves from the tree’s.

He had a best friend and his name was Jimmy the Gorilla. Jimmy the Gorilla always invites the giraffe to his home. The giraffe was happy because there was a lot of tree’s. Jimmy the Gorilla always tells the giraffe to tell me before you come to my house.

One day the giraffe was really hungry because he didn’t have enough leaves on his small tree’s. The giraffe knew that he wasn't allowed to go to his friend’s house.

He couldn't help it so he snuck into Jimmy the Gorilla’s house. Jimmy the Gorilla was sleeping so it was a good time for the giraffe. The giraffe started to eat the leaves from the small tree’s.

The giraffe was still hungry, so he tried reaching for the tree’s that are higher than his height . He tried getting the leaves, but his head got stuck into big branches. He called for Help.

“ Jimmy! HELP ”, shouted the giraffe. Jimmy the Gorilla woke up. He saw his friend stuck in the branches. He pulled the giraffe’s leg as hard as he could. He kept pulling until the giraffe got released.

The giraffe was relieved. He noticed that something was strange. His neck turned long. He was happy, so now he can reach the high tree’s.

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