Friday, 31 October 2014

Pt England way

1.If you don't listen to the teacher you might have to go detention, pick up rubbish or you have to write a letter to your family that you a not doing the right thing to the teacher.But if you do the right thing then that will be a nice choice.if you keep on doing nice work or a nice thing for your teacher you might get a sticker.

2.Right thing means show respect to your teacher and do your work.It also means follow the teacher what he or she says.If it's is lunch or morning tea and someone is crying and help then you are doing the right thing.

choose choices if you are into a fight you have to think first walk away and tell a teacher or a adult and that's the Point England way.Being a successful Point Englander is very good because you can follow the right thing

Thursday, 30 October 2014

My holiday

In the holiday it was fun I went to my friends house.His name is Jason he lives in kings road in pamure.Last year we use to be best friends because we live next to each other.We just could jump over the fence.We play on the x-box 360.We play fifa 15 but the demo my favorite team is chelsea but my friends favorite team is Barcelona.

Sometimes we play mincraft we live in the same house.We live in the jungle but up in a big tree so that creepers don't make us die.Then we play soccer out side it is fun to play but my friend always beat me the score keep son being 1-2.In the night we were watching Samoa vs England.But we didn't want to watch so we watch Taranaki vs Tasman mako that game was hard.

But I didn't watch because I had to go home.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Harvesting flax

Hi my name is junior this is my presentation of harvesting flax it will tell you how to make stuff out of flax hope you enjoy it

Monday, 20 October 2014

3 things to stay out of the sun

It’s very important to stay out of the sun that why you put on sunscreen and sunglasses.If you don’t put on sunscreen then you might get sun burn or you might get skin cancer.Wearing a hat is very important you need a bucket hat so it can cover your face.Sunglasses is very important to wear cause you might get blind.

You may need to wear a bucket hat in the sun so it can cover your face.If you don’t have a hat that covers your whole face then you might need to go into the shade so you don’t get sun burn or anything else.Sometimes you need to wear a covering hat with some sunscreen on your face so your face, nose and ears won’t get burned.

Putting on sunscreen is safe for your whole body so you won’t get sunburned or skin cancer.Sunscreen can block your body from the sunlight.If you don’t have a sunscreen to put on you then you will need to go in the shade to cover you from the sun.The shade is good if you don’t have a sunscreen so the sun can’t give skin cancer.

If you don’t want to get cancer then you should wear a sunglasses because it will cover your eyes because if you don’t wear sunglasses then you can also get cancer, but then when you wear sunglasses then the sun will rebound from the glass then it will go somewhere else.sunglasses protect you from the sun so you won’t get blind

Wearing sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat is very important to protect you from the sun.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs Grand final

Today I will be telling you about Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs.It was a hard match between them it was 30-6.It was Sam Burgess last game for the rabbitohs so he went to play for the rugby union.In the last minutes Greg Inglis got the coolest try.In the first half Sam Burgess got hit from a guy in the bulldogs.But it was sad for Isaac Luke because he did a high tackled when they vs roosters.

Sonny-bill- Williams had his last game to when they lost to rabbitohs 32-23.He played in the ITEM rugby union.Also Jared Hayne went to play for american football.So rabbitohs  won by the bulldogs.The bulldogs was really really sad.Then they were holding the NRl cup.It was a really cool game.

After the match they shake hands to the players.