Friday, 11 March 2016

Fish attack

Fish Attack
One Cold Chilly night, Bryan woke up. He couldn't sleep at all. Bryan started to wake up Sam.
“ Sam, Sam wake up “, Whispered Bryan. Sam didn't wake up. So Bryan decided to make a campfire. Bryan slowly pull the zip down from the tent, and started to look for sticks. Bryan could see a pile of sticks near a forest. He sprinted to the pile of sticks and grab a whole bunch of them.

Finally Sam woke up. “ Bryan, Bryan, where are you “, called  Sam. He didn't hear Bryan replied at all. So he got up and started searching for Bryan. “ BRYAN, BRYAN “, shouted Sam. Bryan didn't hear him. After a while Bryan finally finished getting sticks. When Bryan got back, he saw Sam standing there.

“ Bryan, Bryan, I thought you were gone ahead ”, Growled Sam.
“ No I just went to get some sticks, for our campfire ”, replied Bryan. Sam was really worried he thought that Bryan left him behind. Bryan, said “ Wanna help make the camp “.
“ Yes, I would love to help ”, added Sam. Both of them started setting up there campfire. “ Should we go fishing after this ”, said Sam.
“ Yes sure ”, replied Bryan. After the campfire, Bryan and Sam were getting ready to go fishing.

Once they were finished packing everything, Sam said, “ All right, should we go to lake over there ”.
Bryan replied “ Upto you, you were the one that wanted to come here ”.
“ Ok then, let’s go ”, spoke Sam. Well they were walking Sam said “ Oh look, we're nearly there ”.
“ WOW, that’s are pretty cool lake ”, Shouted Bryan.
“ Yes it is ”, added Sam.
“ Come on let’s run ”, yelled Bryan. When they got there, Bryan was putting the bait on the fishing rod, but the bait was a large bait.

Bryan started fishing, he put the fishing rod on a hole and waited. They were waiting and waiting, until they had a fish, but there was only one problem, it was a GIGANTIC FISH. They pulled and pulled as hard as they can but it just didn't help. “ BRYAN, BRYAN, pull as hard as you can!!”, shouted Sam.
“ I’am ”, replied Bryan.

When they were pulling the fishing rod the fishing rod snap, so Bryan slipped, and fell in the water. “ Help, Help!!”, yelled Bryan.
“ I will come, and save you ”, added Sam. Sam ran into the bushes to look for a sharp stick. He couldn't find a stick, he was really panicking. Until he saw a sharp stick, stuck on a tree. He ran to it started pulling it as hard as it can. When he pulled it down, the stick suddenly came off.

So he got the stick and ran back to the woof. “ Bryan watch out!!”. Sam threw the stick and then the stick went straight to the fish's stomach. “ I got ” said Sam. After that Sam got Bryan out of the water. “ Bryan are you alright “, said Sam.
“ Yeah, I’m alright ”, replied Bryan.

“ Come on let’s go back to our tent ”, said Sam.
“ Ok ”, said Bryan.


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