Thursday, 27 March 2014

junior why do we use a knife and fork

Why do we use a knife and fork

Did you know fork are good to eat with and knife are good to cut. that why they are manners.If you visited your friends house if you were eating with your hands and they won't like you eating with your hands they will like you eating with a fork and knife.

Clean hands
Did you know if you were doing a car engine and if you were eating with your hands you will eat really bad germs.And you will get sick that why you wash your hands before you eat. Also if someone was eating with their hands on the keyboard and someone comes and play on the keyboard they will get germs that why you hand sanitys.   
Bite size pieces
We use a knife and fork because we have to pick up the little pieces with it. If the pieces are big you could
cut it with a knife to make them small enough to eat, this might stop you from choking on the food.


Do you use your manners? I use my ? by eating with a knife and fork, then people won’t be embarrassed.

You should use your knife and fork so your hands get oily and sticky!

Partners Name
Explanation Writing Assessment

Needs work
Getting there
Got it!
No title or title doesn't have to do with the topic.
Title has to do with the topic but doesn't give very much information. (e.g. “Snails.”).
Title gives information about what the explanation will tell you (e.g. “How snails eat.”).
Explanation is not broken into paragraphs.
Explanation has paragraphs but it does not have one idea per paragraph.
Explanation has one idea per paragraph, and includes an introduction and summary.
There are no special words that relate to your topic.
There are some special words that relate to your topic, but some are missing.
All the special words that relate to your topic are there.
Doesn't use joining words like because or so to show cause and effect.
Doesn't use timeless present tense.
Sometimes uses joining words to show cause and effect. Mostly uses timeless present tense.
Uses joining words to show cause and effect whenever this is needed. Always uses timeless present tense.
Explanation of events is not in sequence.
Explanation of events is mostly in sequence.
Explanation of events is in sequence.
Hardly ever uses full stops, commas and capital letters correctly.
Usually uses capital letters, commas and full stops correctly.
Almost always or always uses capital letters, commas and full stops correctly.

Junior Disagree or Agree

A Safe Home for Snails WALT: Thinking about whether or not the author would agree or disagree. Sentence/Statement Would the Author: Agree OR Disagree? Page Number and Evidence - proof from the text All snails are the same. Disagree. Page 1: In many ways, a plax snail’s like a garden snail. But there are also big differences. A flax snail’s shell is round and 11 metres long. Disagree Page 1:A flax snail has a pointy shell that can be 11 centimeters long Flax snails are noticed all around the place. Disagree Page 1:Flax snail are so big , why don’t you notice them snailing around the place People are worried about there being so few flax snails. Agree Page 1: They’re are very good at hiding and there are very few of them-so few that people are worried There aren’t many flax snails because they have been eaten. Agree Page 2: rats,pigs and thrushes eat a lot of flax snails.soon there may be no flax snail at all Scientists have put the snails in an aquarium with fish to swim in. Disagree Page 2: They use an aquarium.But instead of making a watery home for fish, they made it dry-land home for snails

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

witjuti grub

We have been reading about Huhu Grubs and Witjuti Grubs.
The witjuti grub is a large, white, wood-eating larvae of several moths
It is called a witjuti grub because It eat witjuti bush

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Junior's camp

Hi my name is junior.At camp i’m in the caretakers group we did lots of cool stuff like kayak,cooking and races with carebears.Are tents are so awsome and we eat yummy food mmmmmmm!.in the afternoon we went for a swim in the G.I pools and we were playing cool games.

In the night we watched despicable me 2 and we only watch a half because it wasn't working that much so we went to bed