Thursday, 27 July 2017

Immersion Assembly - Term 3

It was finally Term 3, It seems very fast.  Term 3 had a very interesting theme. It was Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone left there classes and walked to the hall. It was dark and everyone could see the stars above them. All the kids were screaming, but some were amazed.

Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson, had a drone in the middle of the hall. Mr S and Mr J flew the drone and they were acting like it was a UFO. Mr J and Mr S did there little performance to start off Term 3. Then Mrs Nua and Mr Burt came out, acting like they were enemies from another planet. Mr J and Mr S saved the day by fighting them with a sword.

Team 1 were first and they started very good with there movie, But then Team 2 was next and they did a movie as well. Team 2 did a song all about space. Team 3 was straight after and did a movie. But then lastly team 5 did a performance. Team 5's performance was my favorite because they were the only ones who performed and sang a song.