Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Museum trip

On thursday we went to the Museum it was so exciting when we went there were maori people introducing us to the Museum then we sang our song to them because they sang a song to us.
Then we split into groups we had to look for a bird and how do you kill it and how do you find it.After that we went into a maori house it was cool.There was a man his name was george he toot us a dance about all of the part of the body.

then we eat lunch and after we eat our lunch then we get to play outside.I was playing tigge with my friends.So when we finshe playing the groups and teachers and parents get to look around for 1hour.The teachers and the parents look arfter us.My favorite part was when we went in the volcano room it was fun we get to go in a house that rubbles like a earthquake.

Lots of people were scared and laughing.After the volcano part me and my friends were playing shooting it was cool to.We went in this sea place it was fun the sea looked real.There were other cool places like this place about world war 1 it had lot’s of guns and lot’s of world war 1 stuff it even told us about it.

Cowboys vs Broncos

Today I will be telling you about Cowboys vs Broncos it was a really hard match the score was 21-20 broncos won by one point because one of there teammates scored a drop goal into the goal.In the last minute Johnathon Thursten scored a try but the referee said it was no try so that when Johnathon Thursten got agree so that when broncos was happy that they won by one point.

In the first half cowboys was beating them but they still were good.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bank Robbery by junior

bank robbery.

Last night on Thursday some guys called Paul pierce, Dwayne wade and Derrick rose robbed the bank.They are best friends and are basketball players.They were dressed up with a black mask with shot guns and a coat.They went on a blue wrx to go to the bank.12 minutes later they were at the bank they were sneaking so no cameras can see them went to the door it was lock”Look up there’s a window open” so They went to climb the window.

Paul pierce went in first diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg”it the alarm”said Paul pierce.”go and get the money”shouted Derrick rose then they started to get the money”no it’s the police they are coming”Shouted Dwayne wade.They started running with two bags of money”lets go”said Paul pierce.They started to run through the alley way”come lets climb up the ladder”replied Derrick rose.

“yes we have lost them”said Dwayne wade.”Come on lets keep going”said derrick rose.After that they went to go to Paul Pierce is house “come on lets count the money”said Derrick rose.Then they had 2 million dollars”We got a lot of money”replied Dwayne wade.”NO is that the cops”said Paul pierce.”Come let’s go through the window”said Derrick rose.”Get the money too”said Paul pierce.

Then they see one of the cops coming “run its the cops they are coming”said Derrick rose.”we have lost them”replied Paul pierce.5 minutes later they went to robbed the bank again.”lets get some more money”said Dwayne wade.”I think we are going to get $2,000,000 dollars”said Derrick rose.”Let’s go the way we went”said Paul pierce.”No we are BUSTED”said Paul pierce.

Monday, 15 September 2014

All blacks vs South Africa

today I will be telling you about the All blacks and the Springboks South Africa  it was a really hard match between them the score was 14-10 South Africa lost but they were really good.In the second half All blacks got a try from Richie Maccaw and that how All Blacks started to lead.Aaron cruden got 2 penalty goals and Beauden Barrett got one penaly goal.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dragon breath curse of the were-wiener

This book it is about a boy called Danny.Danny eats a hot dog that was Poisonous and then he got sick.So he and his friend went to follow a rat that was smart and fast.When they were taking Danny for a walk he got into one of the were wurst minion.His friend thought he must have watch a horror movie.

My favorite part was when Danny had a were wurst minion.

My favorite part was when Danny had a fight with his friend because when Danny got into a were wurst minion that was when they a big fight.

In my book I have finish all the. but there is 204 pages.I give this book a 4 stars.

This book is from Ursula Vernon.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

pigs and ducks

hi this is my work it is called pigs and duck and this is how I work the pigs and ducks.

Finding the conch

In Apia it was a really hot day. mike Tyson, triple h and harry potter went to  go look for a conch.but they couldn't find one so 1 minute later harry potter  got his wand out  and appear a  book about conchs.

So they were reading and reading until they  got up to a page  that tells you where to find a conch  so they read  and they found out that you find it in a reef. so they were finding the beach.

5 minutes later they see sun shining through trees so they keep walking until they see a beautiful beach.Harry potter appear outrigger canoe to go on the water.he jumped in the sea and swim into the bottom.

When harry swim in the sea he sawed something moving so he went close to it and got surprised because it was a conch but in the conch it was crab.he tried grabbing the conch but the crab keep on biting his finger.

harry potter grabbed it quickly because he had to breath so he got out of the sea and put the conch in the sand so the insects can remove any triple h put it in the diluted bleach to remove any remaining microbes.

Ones triple h makes the inside clean mike Tyson buffs the crusty outside with sandpaper then he smears it with oil to bring out the colour.