Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Fun at Camp

WALT - Write an interesting and engaging recount Today room 1, made a recount plan about camp and step up. Year 7's had to do step up , but year 8's were so lucky because they went to camp.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Collect and Interpret Data

Hello this is my work called collect and interpret data, so basically this is about collecting information and putting it into a bar graph or a tally chart. As you can see that in every slide there is questions mostly about tally charts. Ms tapuke gave us these problems because these questions are actually about creating your own tall chart and finding the answer to each.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Sniff, Swing, Swipe

Hello this is about Sniff, Swing and Swipe, so basically this book is about different kind of Animal feeders. Bird Feeders is the main one because in this book different classes created there own bird feeders. If you go through my presentation then you will see my favorite bird feeder, and which class had the best design. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Statistics 2

Enjoying My Holidays!

As the Holidays began I was so excited because we got to have a 2 week break from school, but at the same time I was bored because we haven't had school for so long.

In my first week of the holidays, I enjoyed it because we went to Ice Skating and Laser strike. Well if you haven't heard of Laser strike, Laser Strike is a play where you have guns, But fake guns! But the armor you wear is a armor that protects your chest, so if you get shot it won't hurt.

Well Ice Skating is similar to normal skating, but the different is that in Ice Skating you skate on ice. Ice is so hard to skate on! Well when I went to Laser Strike it was awesome because some one came out of nowhere and shot someone from the back, but he had a anonymous mask!

In Ice Skating I had a good time because sometimes I slip and sometimes I don't. It was funny to because our church came with us and a lot of them slipped to!

In the next week we went to the pool and the movies! The reason why we went there because the church had a all night on Friday! All night is a day when your church have a all night time, but the rules are your not allowed to sleep because if you sleep someone can come with a vivid and draw on your face.

At the pools we did bombs, jumped off the diving board and ate heaps of fish and chips. My favorite part at the is when we jumped off the 3rd highest diving board! That was scary!!

I really enjoyed my holidays and I hope you guys do bye!