Monday, 30 March 2015

Wonderful Water

Wonderful Water
Walt: We were. learning about what is a Macro invertebrate identify things. What it will look like if the water is clean or it is polluted. If the water is polluted we would not have water to drink and we may die because there will be a lot of bacteria in the water.

Me and my group read a book called Wonderful water.

Mālama Honua

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hokule'a and Hikianalia

In the Morning at 8.40 we had to meet at the hall for a hoku le’a visited down the reserve.When we meet in the hall we were waiting for classes to come and sit down in their lines.After that we walked through the concrete and all the way to the reserve to see 2 waka’s the Hoke le’a and the Hikianalia. When we sit down we saw tamaki primary, St patrick, Stone fields, Ruapotaka and more. We saw the Hikianalia waka coming in and well they came we sang a Waiata.

The Hokule'a people came on the small boat from the waka. When they came on the sand we finish singing.Then they sang a song to us because we sang a song to them. After that we sang eh honore. All of the schools were in their lines and singing to them and well we were singing the leaders for each schools were doing the action to them in the front.

Until it was the end we sang nga waka it was cool when we meet the hokule’a and at the end we ran to the sand in lines and we get to slap their hands and even shake their hands it was so fun and we had to run all the way back to are lines to go back.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp

JPEG ImageHave you been at the year5 and 6 camp?Last week on wednesday it was the year5 and 6 camp.All of the kids went to there team lines,
there were matapono eh,The Real Dealz,The commitment,Honest squad,The All Stars and True crew.Our team leaders were Zac and Yvonne for the Real Dealz.All of the teams had one activity to do.The first activity we did was top town challenge with Mr Jacobsen.The team that we vs was the True crew and their leaders were Lomio-lee and Presayus.
JPEG Image

On the start of the game Mr Jacobsen told us rules and then he said we had to fill some balloons but only for 15 minutes.Until he said go we all started running to the toilet and tap to fill up balloons.we started filling all the balloons up and we put it in a container.When it
was over we ran to the start.When Mr jacobsen says go we have to chuck the balloons at the true crew.When he said go we started chucking it at them and some of the balloons hit their faces.
When we finish chucking the balloons we ran to the fake blue mountain and we crawl under it.

JPEG Image
When the game was finish it was morning tea time.Our teacher Mr Goodwin said we have to get are togs and get ready for kayaking.When morning tea was finish we walked all the way to the reserve to go kayaking with Mr Burt.As soon as we got there we had to put on some life jackets because if you fall then the life jacket will help you float.Mr burt said if you want to go a double boat then you have to be with a partner or if you want to go on a single boat then

Until we got back we had lunch and when it was finish we had free time so we like can go in are tent,play touch,play on the park,play on the court with a ball and play soccer with Ms Tito.Me and my Friend went to play tiggy on the park with are other friends.Then Mr Somerville called that each team has to go swimming and after swimming we went to go watch the lego movie.Lot’s of people went to sleep and the teachers said let’s go to sleep.

So we ran to are tent and started sleeping.THE END

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Friday, 6 March 2015

One of my favorite shoes,games and more

Hi name is Junior and I will be telling you about one of my favorite stuff.My favorite shoes has to Nike,Vans,Converse and Adidas ,but my favorite games are Rugby league live 2 and GTA 5.My favorite food is butter chicken,Carls Jr and burger king. These are my favorite stuff.Image result for nike shoesImage result for vansImage result for converseImage result for adidas

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Judah,Tj and Junior Duffy Story


Duffy story

On the second week of monday all the yr3-8 all walked to the hall to see what was happening. When we got there we were surprised by some duffy people that was waiting for us to show their duffy show. As we sat down  they told us some really
funny jokes to keep us company. When they were  going to start the duffy song. the whole class started singing with the duffy

After they finish telling us there jokes they sang a song it go like this  tinka tinka tinka tinka tinka la la la
to us  then we joined them what they were singing .After that they told us their names and they introduced themselves and told as their  names.There were 2 girl and there names were Sienna,Antonia and 1 boy and his name was Tj. Antonia played lot’s of character.                                    

They Started their performance about a girl not liking reading and she was studie. It was lots of fun and there was picture books,toys and dinosaurs.There was a boy called Duffy and he help her at read so she will get better. It was cool cause they was egprt mounts funny writing and they were hilarious.

At the end
It was all over we had to go back to class.