Monday, 22 June 2015

Problem solving

The task that we were given was to solve this problem and it was a fraction question.This is how I solve it

Explaining about my game

We had to create a game and my game was called world of ninja.The game that we had to do this term was to create a side scrolling so when it is raining lunch time we can play are game that we made.we had to make up are own game character and my character was a ninja.Are background had to move sideways so it can be a side scrolling game.Some people had objects so they could jump on it.When we get a side scrolling background we have to take the ones that are free to use and share.

Sometimes on your game you can lose and you can win but your game is just for fun.You can create a game but not with game characters that all ready exist.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Christchurch and Auckland

The task that we were given was to compare Auckland and Christchurch. We also had to do the similarities so that means we had to find the same things in Auckland and Christchurch. We had to put items on the None list that doesn't exist in any of these two city's.We did a padlet that shows information about are thinking.

In this follow up I found out that the earthquake that struck Christchurch killed 185 people. Some people also helped Christchurch pay houses, buildings and statues because the earthquake was really really big and bad.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Explaining my game

I will be explaining about my game and it is called the world of ninja’s. The task that we were given was to make are own game but we had to do a side scrolling.We had to show the point of our game.

My lead character is a ninja.His name is Rocky.He start in the city and he has to find the treasure before the boss finds the treasure. In my game you have to kill monsters and ninjas. My mission is to find the treasure in the dark cave.

My character Rocky faces a rock monster. He is the one that made the other monsters. If you beat the boss and find the treasure then you will win. If you lose to the boss then it will be game over. If you get the gems and the coins then you will get some points. When a monster hit you really badly then you will lose some health.

Space bar is to jump, A is to attack with his boomerang and his sword and D is to defend the monsters hits.

When you die you have to tap a fast as you can and then you can respond

In each place there are monsters that block the boss. So you will have to defeat that monsters before you defeat the boss. When you start at the city you will vs a hole bunch of ninjas

My guy has to get the treasure before the boss does rock king.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Problem solving


WALT: We are learning how identify Nouns in pictures
 We have been learning to identify nouns.I learnt that nouns are different names of different pictures.We get a background and we name the stuff that are in the background.We got 4 different backgrounds and we started to name the stuff in it.Thank you I hope you look at my other posts and I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Problem solving

Walt: find the fraction of a number

Today me and my friends were working on a problem solving about fractions.the question was 1/4 of 40= and the answer was 10

Joe Gock

Walt: find evidence and clues from the text to create a character description

This week we had to create a presentation explaining our lead character. His name is Joe Gock. When then created 2 padlets that provided proof of his creativity and his kindness.
We did a task about Joe Gock. Joe and Fay Gock were a creative team and they were very kind. We made a presentation about Joe Gock. I have learnt that Joe Gock was the first man to put labels on fruit and he made a box that was called the Gock Broccoli Box.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Crazy guy jumping in freezing cold water

Walt: write an engaging introduction

This is my writing about a man diving into cold water.I was writing 1 paragraph about it.I hope you enjoy and I hope you comment back.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Image result for anzac
Last friday was a very very special Assembly. Lot’s of teachers and seniors have been wearing poppies so we can show the remembrance of World War 1.  At the end of the Assembly we went to the remembrance field so we can bless the people who died in World War 1 and the people who wanted to save new zealand's land. Then there was a song about the ANZAC. ANZAC stands for Australian, New Zealand, Army, Corp.

When they go toilet they go and dig a hole and then they look for something to sit on.Then when they are finished they refill the hole and make a new one.Did you know that there is dogs that can help hold aummo, and letters to send.When world war 1 started it started in turkey and the area they were fighting in was called Suez Canal.

In 1914 august the 29th the first world war began. 17 million people died died for all of our country. The first person to die in new zealand is private william ham. His family must be so sad and had a moment of silence.
The first thing I did well was using good sentence in the start of a full stop.I am proud of my writing because I put on better sentences than before.The second thing I did really well was putting exclamation marks and question marks.So next time I’m going to make better sentences. I have realised that I should have put in the full stop in the right places.The next time I write i am going to make sure I put in good starting and good starting in the beginning of a sentence. My goal for writing is to put in good sentence.I have chosen this because I need to keep on putting good sentence.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Describing a character

My name is Junior and this is my padlet that I made.We had to make a padlet that shows information about silas.