Friday, 18 September 2015

Cross Country

On Monday the 7th of September we had Cross Country.

Image result for cross countryHave you ever done cross country before, well I have. On Monday the 7th of September we had one of the best cross country ever. In our cross country we started off by putting our home colour’s on. I was yellow, Lomio was green and John was blue. After that all of us went to the court to have a little meeting about the cross country run. Then Mr Burt told us that the year 1 boys are going to start first.

When it was the year 5 boy’s turn, we knew it was going to be our turn next. When it was our turn we started walking to the starting line. Once we got on the starting line Mr Burt told us to come in a circle so he can tell us where are we running. Mr Burt said we are running around the reserve only 1 lap, so when we got back to the starting line we had to wait until Mr Burt does the clapers. Once we heard we started sprinting it, and  when we started sprinting I saw Lomio coming first, Flynlay coming 2nd and Junior was coming 3rd.

When we got past the cone all of us started jogging it because we were quite tired from the sprints. Then we saw Mr Slade on the 3rd cone, he was telling us to run right, but we didn't hear him so we were still running. Then we saw Mr Sommerville he came running to us and he warned us. he warned us because we were running the wrong way, so Junior, Adam, Lomio and John-Amour were coming a tie. After that I saw John-Amour coming first, Junior coming second and Lomio and adam were racing to the finish line, but I gas him with all my energy so Lomio came 3rd, Junior came 2nd and John-Amour came 1st.The end :)

Friday, 4 September 2015

Living on a shoestring

The task we had to do a advice column. On the first slide we had to write 2 sentences to explain to kids what our advice column is for. In this task we had to receive a letter from this man named dad. He needed help with making and saving more money. We had to write down are own information about making and saving money.