Monday, 27 July 2015

Classroom cleaner

Classroom cleaner

I want to be a classroom cleaner because I am perfect at cleaning stuff.
I like this job because I like to make classes clean, especially classrooms that are very dirty.In this job you have to clean every classrooms in the area, but you have to clean it very properly.

I want this job because I like cleaning classrooms, cars, houses and even places.In this job I like cleaning classrooms that has alot of rubbish.Being a classroom cleaner is very fun because if you listen then you will get paid 1 P.T.When you finish cleaning a classroom
you have to go to the next classroom but it is really tiring.Trust me it take for long.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Link to the Padlet
This is the padlet that the red bands have been working on.This is are padlet that shows information about a magnify glass.We had to show information that shows how does a mignify glass work.We had to put on good words on the padlet and we had to put on a image that goes with the sentence.

Junior animation

My name is Junior and this is my side scrolling game it is called the death of ninjas.In my game I am a ninja and his name is rocky.He is a ninja that saves other people's lives, but he kills the monsters.The boss is a rock monster with crystals at the back of him.He is the one that makes all of the monsters.The point of my game is to find the treasure before the boss does, but before you get the treasure you will have to vs the boss and his name is evil crystal man.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Image result for sunsmartJunior and Richard also Judah) The sun is so hot. This means you will need a hat to cover your face and sunscreen on your skin to stop you from getting burnt. These are the two really important things that you will need if it's summer.
Image result for sunsmart

If you want to be sunsmart then you will need a hat. Hats are really good because it will protect your face from the burning sun. Especially one with a wide brim. A hat is really important because you might get skin cancer and skin cancer mostly happens on your faces and your neck then any parts of your body.

Another way to stay safe is to put on some sunscreen. The sun is dangerous so you will have to watch out.Sunscreen is really good to put on your skin because it protects your skin from getting burnt. The best one to use is SPF30+ because it gives you less sunburn.It is best to use it when it is summer.

lastly put on some sunglasses. Put on sunglasses to protect your eyes. Sunglasses are really usefull for your eyes because you might get blind. UV radiations can affect your eyesight.You will have to watch out for your eyes.

And don’t forget to slip, slop slap and wrap!!