Monday, 30 May 2016

Multiplication and Division

This task is about Multiplication and Division. In this task I had to answer division strategy's and Multiplication strategy's. Division, If you have a division like 6 divided by 24 you do 6 x _ = 24, so 6 x 4 = 24. The answer is 4. Now Multiplication, I think that all of you know your multiplication. Multiplication is when you multiply by zero. The product is always zero! like 5 x 0 = 0, 0 x 12 = 0

Intro to fractions

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


This task that I been working on is called Panikiniki. This story is about a boy who makes a canoe with his family. They make there canoe out of a big hernandia tree. Then they sail to an island called Motu Kotawa. Then the story continues.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

AL7 So'o tauau

These are the things I think that so'o tauau means is:

1. So'o tauau means help other people do the right thing.

2. Means to show Respect and kindness to others.

3. Means to help other people if they need help with there work

4. It means help other's if they get injured or get's into a fight with other people

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool and nail art

What we were doing was wool and nail art. Me and my partner John-Amour, has made this creation and we did a star. This first thing we had was nails, wood and a hammer. Me and John-Amour firstly started off with making the star.

When we were finish making the star, we added some wool. The color we picked was grey and white. When we started putting the wool on we put some designs on it so it look's pristine. After we finished putting the wool it came out like this.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Advice column

This task iv'e been working on is called Advice column. In this Advice column, we had to help a person. This person needs help in navigating his was across the pacific ocean. This is what I did, I did the 4 things that navigators used when they need help. The 4 important things I did was Clouds, Stars, Birds and the Ocean. I have explained how navigators use the 4 important things.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Add/Sub Maths

WALT: solve subtraction problems with tenths by changing the second number into a whole number My task for this week is Add and Sub. This task that I have finish is about Subtraction. In this task I am learning to solve subtraction problems with tenths, by changing the second number into a whole number.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Discovery of New Zealand Myths

This story is about a man named Maui pulls up the land of New Zealand. In this presentation we have to answer all question's in each slide in the presentation. Maui is a demi-god, He has magic powers and he fished up the north island- Te Ika a Maui. Maui's brothers were so jealous that they wouldn't let Maui go with them because 1. they thought he couldn't fish, 2. They were jealous of his skills, and 3. They were jealous because he had a magical hook that can lift up anything.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Facts and Opinions

Hi this is my task Iv'e been working on. This task is about Facts and Opinions, we had to learn what does facts and opinion mean. Fact means when something is always true, like for an example (Dogs survive by drinking water and eating food), that's a Fact. Opinion means when someone thinks of a particular thing, like (Coffee is delicious), some people might say it's yuck or they might agree with it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Maths Add/Sub

WALT:solve addition problems with tenths by changing one number into a whole number.
 Hi my name is Junior and this is the task I have been working on.

Aspiration Talk

On the 11th of April 2016, the year 7-8 had a special meeting with 3 special people, which are Kenese, Arizona and Andrew. These people came to talk to us about inspiring people. Firstly Andrew talk about AIM. If you don't know what AIM stands for it stands for Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation. Andrew told us the three words so we can always remember it.

Arizona Leger was up next. She told us about her self. She is Tongan, Maori, Fijian and Samoa. Her Mums Maori, her name is fetu, and Her Dad is Tongan, Fijian and Samoan. He was the first New Zealander man to get signto go and play in the United States of America.

Arizona's Dad use to play Baseball for the Angels. Arizona has 2 brothers, one of them go's to Sacred Heart College and he is 11 years old. Her other brother is around in the 20's. He's got big hair and big beard that's how Arizona described him.

Arizona got to work for Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Crazy right. She got to get Mickey Mouse ears, but first she had to earn them. Arizona earned them by Dreaming big, Working hard and Share Happiness. Arizona got taught a lot of languages when she was a Disney World she got taught en, Spanish, Japanese, India and more.

Arizona met lots of cool cartoon characters in Disney World like, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Donald the duck, Snitch from the Lilo and Snitch cartoon and more. When she came back from America, she worked for Flavor 95.8, it's a Radio station.

Kenese turn. He told about him self he told us how he grew up. Kenese is Samoan and Nuiean. He was raised in Samoa. He has a twin brother named Fa'aliga. When Kenese moved to New Zealand, he use to go to Wesley primary, witch is near Auckland city in Central.

In Central Kenese told us there were always gangs on the streets. When he was in intermediate he told us that he wasn't good.

Kenese didn't know how to speak English, when he got to New Zealand. Kenese told us to always be confident when your talking and always make right decisions.

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

The first day of Term 2. We are having a immersion Assembly, so that we can show what are we doing for this Term. This Term our topic is AS I SEE IT. As we entered we could hear music, I felt Excited.

Firstly Team 1 Teachers, was talking about there favorite things. They made a presentation about Team 1 teachers. All the teachers had a favorite thing and like there favorite type of Chocolate, favorite type of pet and more. Subsequently Ms George told us question after the presentation. She said question about the presentation, and if we get it right, then we get Ms George favorite chocolate, Whittakers.

Afterwards Team 2 was about seasons. they made a movie about seasons, like Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Each class in Team 2 gets a season each, like Ms Eadie is Winter, Ms Tumahia is Autumn, Ms Szymanik is Summer and Ms Nalder is Spring. In Team 2's movie they have shown us what is it like when it is Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Next was Team 3. This year Team 3 is all about building stuff. They were about Grand design, which is about building. This Term Team 3 has shown us a movie about building a house, what's it like when you bring people and how good is the house.

After that was Team 4 they were about comic books. they are going to create comic books, paint comic books and write comic books.They made a movie about superhero's and comic books. In the movie there's 2 amateur superhero's going to vs bear Baxendine. the 2 amateur superhero's go's and fights bear Baxendine.

 Finally it was Team 5's turn we are learning about the 4 waka's, Hikianalia, Hokulea, HineMoana and Te Aurere. Hikianalia means the yellow stars, Hokulea means the earth, HineMoana means the blue ocean and Te Aurere means the sweat, blood and tears.