Thursday, 22 June 2017

Cubby Holes for shoes ( Almost finished )


This is our design that we are creating. We are creating cubby holes for our shoes. We are doing a hexagon shape so it looks more better. In each hole there will be 1 shoe pair in each. We are almost finish, all we need to do is to make it bigger and better. So stay tune to look at more of our design. Our group is called the Triple freeze, and in our group we have Me (junior), John, Tj, Judah and Flynlay.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Complex Sentence

Persuasive reading

This task was about Persuasive writing. If you don't know what is Persuasive means, It means speech. We are learning to have a better speech. Our class worked on speeches and confident's. In this reading task we had to get idea's in the video and chuck in the reading presentation. Enjoy!

The great marble challenge!

This activity is a book called The Great Marble Challenge. This is about a class that had a big marble challenge going on in there class. It began on Monday and ended at Friday. We had to create our own ramp and the ball had to stop at 0.5 meters. So if you want to do this challenge then make your own ramp.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mode, Median, Range and Mean

 Hi this is my presentation about Mode, Median, Range and Mean. Mrs Tapuke gave us an presentation to work on, This is to help us get better at maths. Each slide is about Mode, Median, Range and Mean. My favorrite one is Range because it is better and harder. Bye!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Why should our Interval be longer?

Today’s Topic is going to about why should our  Interval be longer.

Kids always talk in class for some reason, is it because they want to play outside already, let's find out. Kids love to talk in class, but teachers get annoyed. I think it’s because our learning time is more longer then our break time.

10:40 I think is the best time, because all classes get time to watch PENN, relax and eat. The teachers on judy, can have the time to do the same thing to. Our morning tea time should start at 10:40 and end at 11:35. I recon that our eat time should be 10 minutes or 5 minutes, so basically it could start at 10:45, or 10:50.

Lunch time is alright because we get enough time with our learning, and enough time with our lunch time break. Some people think that Lunch time should be longer, or our learning time before lunch should be shorter.

So if you agree with me or not, then tell me if you need a shorter time or longer time.