Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Year 6 reflection 2016

Last Year as a year 6, my reflection was to make nice friends, and getting better at maths problems. As a year 6 my teachers where Mr Goodwin, Mr Somerville and Miss Lavakula. This year 2016 my goal is to get higher result in Maths, Reading and Writing.My next achievement is to get better skills at sports, like touch, rugby union, rugby league and more.

Against the wind

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My Draft

Talofa lava, Kia Orana, Malo E Lelei and greetings to you all,

My name is Junior, but some people call me June for short. I've been living in New Zealand ever since I was born. In 2004 I was born in Auckland, but I don’t really know what hospital I was born in. Most of my family was born in the islands, like Cook island and Samoa.

This year I am a year 7 in Mrs Clark’s classroom, Room 2. My favorite part is being an Intermediate because you get to meet fun and awesome teachers and meeting new friends. When I start College in 2018 I am going to St Paul's College.

I am the youngest in my family, and the the oldest in my family is my Sister. We come from 2  islands called Cook Island and Samoa. My dad is Samoan and my mum is Cook Island. In my Cook Island side we live in a village called Atiu. But In my Samoan side we live in Apia the Capital of Samoa.

One of my hobbies is sports. My favorite kind of sports is Rugby Union and Rugby League, but Rugby League is mostly my favorite. My favorite Rugby League team is Rabbitohs. I am such a HUGE fan, and my favorite player is Roger tuivasa-sheck, and Shaun Johnson.