Monday, 11 December 2017

Inspiring talk with Andrew Patterson and Raenan

Today we had a second talk with Andrew Patterson plus a guest named Raenan. Andrew Patterson and Raenan gave us a lot of inspiring points for the year 8's. 

Raenan goes to Tamaki College and is currently a year 12. He use to come to our school back 2014.

Raenan told us that when you start year 9 you get kind of nervous, but when you move up to year 12 you will get use to it.

Andrew Patterson showed us a boy that did his speech in front of different teachers. His name was Dwight. His speech was inspiring. Andrew Patterson told us that his dad was a gang member and he spent 8 years in jail.

The best point that inspired me was take advantage of the opportunities.

We learn from our mistakes. That was one of the points to. The year 8's need to get ready for College and I am heading for Selwyn College. Enjoy!

Lady Esme and the stolen fire gems

Measurement angles

Hello readers last week we learned about angles. We were learning about Acute angles, Obtuse angles, Right angle, Reflex angle and a straight angle. As you can see we had to find out what each angle looks like and we had to find out about the degrees of the angle. Like a right angle that is 90 degrees. Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay tuned for more. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tonga's journey

Pourquoi story - How the giraffe got his long neck

How the giraffe got his long neck

A long time ago, there’s was a giraffe that really loved his height. His neck was short, but he was tall. He really loved eating leaves from the tree’s.

He had a best friend and his name was Jimmy the Gorilla. Jimmy the Gorilla always invites the giraffe to his home. The giraffe was happy because there was a lot of tree’s. Jimmy the Gorilla always tells the giraffe to tell me before you come to my house.

One day the giraffe was really hungry because he didn’t have enough leaves on his small tree’s. The giraffe knew that he wasn't allowed to go to his friend’s house.

He couldn't help it so he snuck into Jimmy the Gorilla’s house. Jimmy the Gorilla was sleeping so it was a good time for the giraffe. The giraffe started to eat the leaves from the small tree’s.

The giraffe was still hungry, so he tried reaching for the tree’s that are higher than his height . He tried getting the leaves, but his head got stuck into big branches. He called for Help.

“ Jimmy! HELP ”, shouted the giraffe. Jimmy the Gorilla woke up. He saw his friend stuck in the branches. He pulled the giraffe’s leg as hard as he could. He kept pulling until the giraffe got released.

The giraffe was relieved. He noticed that something was strange. His neck turned long. He was happy, so now he can reach the high tree’s.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Consider someone else's viewpoint

WALT: Consider someone else's viewpoint.

So yesterday our class was working on agreements and disagreements. We got given a statement from Mr Wiseman. We had to agree to this statement or disagree to this statement. Watch the video to get more information.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

RLWC - 2017

Image result for rlwc teams

RLWC 2017 teams. Scotland, Tonga, Papua New guinea, Kiwis, Australia, Samoa, England, Fiji, USA, Lebanon, France and Italy. This week is going to be the quarter finals. Its Australia vs Samoa at Darwin stadium. Kiwis vs Fiji at Wellington Regional stadium. Tonga vs Lebanon at Christchurch stadium. England vs Papua New guinea at Melbourne rectangular stadium.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Nursery Rhyme - Little Red Riding Hood ( Made by Me )

Over the hills, down into the woods. Lived a little young girl named little red riding hood. She lived with her mum in a small house, but she didn’t like her mum because she likes her small filthy mouse. Her mum gave her a basket of food to give to her grandma. Her mum told her to come back for dinner.

She walked down the trail near her homeland, Then a grotesque wolf came out of nowhere. So the basket dropped out of her hand. The wolf asked are you going anywhere. She didn’t want  to tell him so she said she was going nowhere.

She picked up her basket slowly, just incase the wolf eats her without knowing. She kept walking, but she didn’t know the wolf was still looking. She was near her grandma’s house walking with joy. All of sudden she see’s someone in her grandmother’s house that looks like a boy.

Little red riding hood walked in through the door. Her grandma looked in the basket, and there was apple’s and more. Little red riding hood observed that her grandmother had big ears. She thought it’s because she hasn’t seen her in years. She looked at her grandmother up to her chin. She was confused because she had dark skin.

She heard something like her grandmother coming from the back door. But then she thought it was coming from the cupboard door. She opened it up and it was her grandma tied up with ropes.

A hunter came in and killed the wolf. Then everything turned to normal. Little red riding hood was in laughter. So they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tonga vs Samoa. Round 2 of the RLWC world cup - 2017

Last week on Saturday me and my family were setting up for the upcoming World Cup game. It was a game that a lot of people have been waiting for. It was Tonga vs Samoa. The other part of my family went for tonga, and my part of my family went for Samoa.

The game started so we all focused on the game. Tonga and Samoa huddled in a group for a pray. Reason why they did that together because they didn’t want a fight to happen after the game.

The haka came on and it was amazing. Both teams did it at the same time and it was cool. I reckon Tonga had the best haka. Game started so it was Tonga’s kick off. My highlights was some hit’s from Jason Taumalolo, He plays for Tonga. He is so good.

Samoa were going up against Jason Taumalolo and Andrew Fifta, which are the best forwards in the Tongan team. The first try went to Michael Jennings, he from the tongan side as well. He actually scored 2 tries. More players did some tries from the Tongan side, but sadly Samoa didn’t score yet.

It was the second half, so samoa fighted back with 3 tries. But Sadly Samoa lost the game. So Next week Samoa will be taking Scotland and Tonga will be taking New Zealand. If Tonga beat’s New Zealand then both teams will make it in the quarter final, If New Zealand wins then both teams will still go in.

Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand and Scotland are in Pool B. Australia, Lebanon, England and France are In Pool A. Pool C is PNG, Europe 1 and Europe 2. Pool D is Usa, FIji and Europe 3. ENJOY!

Image result for tonga vs samoa


A few day ago it was Fireworks. I celebrated fireworks because it was my brother's birthday. Fireworks are one of my favorite days in every year. Fire Works only happen once, every year. Fire works are so cool because you can watch the amazing fire works explode in the sky. But watch out it can be dangerous for little kids.

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Rules

 Last week we did a task, called The Rules. We had to read a book and find out the rules about the orchestra. There are 4 parts of the orchestra. One part is woodwind instruments, another is Brass, another is Percussion and the last one is string. Thank you readers for reading my blog.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A talk with Mr Patterson

In the morning we had a special guest and his name was Mr Patterson. Mr Patterson came in the team 5 block to talk with us. He talked to us about Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation. He gave us a formula to solve, like A = Aspiration, I = Inspiration and M = Motivation. 

He gave us some tips that really inspired all of us. I was inspired when he talked about be a giver. Be a giver means to notice and act when someone is struggling. He talked about a 11 year old boy that changed a old man's life. That inspired me as well. 

We watched a video about the boy that help the man. The boy gave the man his lunch money everyday for two weeks, and that changed the man's life. The man told the school, so Willy got a big reward. All of us got inspired and shocked that he actually did the right thing to the man.

After he told us about the important things. It made me want to be like Willy. It made me want to change someone's life. Enjoy!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Parts of the orchestra?

Hello readers, this is my presentation I made with my best friend Lanzie. As you can see that in this presentation we have described all the parts of a orchestra. My favorite instrument has to be a guitar, which is a string instrument. String Instruments are instruments with strings. A Brass instrument is a instrument that is big and has a deep noise, plus they all look like gold, silver and bronze. Woodwind instruments look like sticks, but are actually instruments, they have a high noise. Lastly Percussion instruments are different types of drums, like a bongo drum. Thanks for visiting my blog!, hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Coding - Part 2


Welcome back to the readers. Before I did a coding post and that one was about letters, colors and fonts. But this time we did a animation. Our animation was about a Light bulb turning off and a light bulb turning on.

As you can see that on this image you can see the light bulb on, and thats because I click the on button. We added in difficult details in our HTML section.

As you can see that on this image you can see the light bulb off, and thats because I click the off button. We added in difficult details in our HTML section. Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy!

Thank you Miss Shearing for teaching us about coding!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Word Problems

Flounder team!

Image result for flounderHello boys and girls and welcome to my Blog. As you've been wondering why is my title called flounder team, well we went to the reserve to go watch floundering team. Flounders are coming to extinction, so all people better look after it, and that's why we add them to our big containers.

12 people were named to become one of the people to do floundering. We only caught little flounders, because its really difficult to find huge flounders. The flounder team have already been floundering, the last time they did it was last week.

If you don't know what a flounder is, then look at the picture and it will show you what it looks like. Flounder is a fish, which is hard to find. Polynesians eat it as well sometimes, because it's delicious.

As we reached the reserve we sang a waiata and we said the karakia. We sang, Whakataka te hau and Te aroha. THe reason why we sang a waiata, is so that we show support towards the team.

It was time to leave and everyone was filled with joy. Enjoy!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

HTML - Coding

Hi everyone, this is my coding that Iv'e done with Miss Shearing. As you can see that Iv'e been coding. Did you know that we are doing the exact same coding as the year 12's at Tamaki College, Amazing right. If you want to do your own coding then just go on Coding is basically another language, but a Computer language. If you want to color your font then just type in <font color="......">. If your wandering what the dots are for, its for the color so just type in any color, but make sure it starts with a capital letter. So enjoy my blog!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ratio's and Word Problems

This week we are learning about ratio's and word problems, so basically we are answering questions in each slide. Each question has multiplications and division's. If you look on the last slide, it has my multiplication pyramid. So on that slide you have to answer the multiplication questions to the top of the pyramid. Enjoy reading my blog!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The White Truck

In week 8 we had to read a book called the White truck. In this book we had to read and write about the story. As you can see that this is my presentation I made. In this presentation we had to gather information from the story and add it to the presentation. Enjoy!

Taking Flight

"I was travelling in the 'Radio-Flyer; when... I heard monkeys slowly lurking down the trail. It led to a dark jungle filled with aggressive monkeys. My grandpa told me that there was angry monkeys that escaped from the zoo. I was petrified, so I cuddled my teddy bear tightly.

That’s when I heard howling coming across the jungle. Then I noticed It was monkeys. I began to scream as loud as I can. My grandpa quickly ran. So we ran through the jungle and Jumped into the Waterfall.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Elections 2017

Elections 2017 has now arrived.... This week our class have been learning about the elections. In this presentation we had to create our own game and decide each others games like the elections. As you can see that on the first slide it has the party vote teams and the leader for the teams. Our game is called Luckyball, and this is created my Me, Taani, Lanzie and John-Amour.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Quick write

There was one road that people never visit, because of the death that happened on that road. It was called Clinton road. Clinton road is found in America, but people knew that it was one of the scariest road ever found. People say that there is a ghost lady in a white dress that haunts people during the darkness. People around the area even dumb people there, and murder people there.

2 best friends went on a trip to New Jersey, where the road was. They stayed there overnight, but they weren't scared at all. They walked to a haunted cemetery that was connected to Clinton road. One of them was recording their trip. They didn’t know the history on the road, so that why they weren’t frightened at all.

The darkness was slowly covering the sunlight, so there was no time to see at all.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Geometry - Shapes

This is our cards that we made with cardboard. Each card stands for a shape. Like if I did What has 4 equal sides you guys will know it's a square. We made 6 cards, but each has a lot of questions to answer. 

Getting ready for college - Selwyn College!

This year as a year 8 is my last year at Pt England. Next year I will be leaving and that will be sad, because I have been a Pt England school ever since I was young. Next year I will be at Selwyn College which is found near Kohimarama primary school. Reason why I want to go to Selwyn College is because it's more educated and I really want to play sports like Basketball and Rugby. ENJOY!
Image result for selwyn college

Make a quality blog comment!

Comment:Click here  Seth's Blog post

Here is my comment.
Kia Orana Seth, If you don't know me I am actually from Pt England. I really enjoy reading your blog, especially your blog posts. I love art and this post has inspired me. Keep it Up! Question, How does art relate to you?

To make a quality blog comment you have to think before you write. Re-Reading you comment is another good thing to do, because you don't know there might be mistakes. Make sure your comment doesn't have a lot of explanation marks because that can be boring. End with a question to make it more valuable. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 28 August 2017

The Area of Objects

On week 5 we had to do a presentation called The Area of Objects, on this presentation we had to find out the Length and the Width for each shape. We were given shapes to work out. As you can see that on the last slide, I did work with Miss Jennings. I measured the flat screen and this is what the answers were.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Don't drink energy drinks - speech

A article that I read was published back in 2014. This article that I read was about a sixteen year old girl that died, by drinking too much energy drink. By the way her name was Lanna Haman.

And that's why people shouldn't be drinking any energy drinks.

Image result for dont drink energy drinksMy sister started to drink energy drinks everyday, sometimes I see her sitting down on the couch drinking Lift plus. Few weeks later she got addicted to it, but why does she love it so much.  

Energy drinks contains heaps of caffeine, which isn’t good for you. The Caffeine in Energy drinks is a whole lot different than average drinks. Energy drinks contain a high level of sugar, which could make people love it so much.

Did you know that energy drinks include a bit of alcohol, so if you had one that means you been drinking a bit alcohol as well.

Another ingredient is Vitamin B. Vitamin B is included Energy Drinks, Some know that it’s good for your health, but too much can be dangerous.

People had situations with energy drinks, because the drink is strong and unhealthy. If your under 10 shouldn't be drinking energy drinks. Even if you're older, you still shouldn't be drinking any like Mr Wiseman.

The last ingredient is taurine, taurine is a acid that people add in energy drinks. But be careful it’s dangerous.

People our age shouldn't be drinking any, because it’s too strong for our body.

Hope you boys and girls enjoy. Thank you.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Perimeter L3

Hello this is my work I did for the week, as you can see that my presentation is at the top and my video with my buddy Tom is at the bottom. This task is about meters and centimeters and we had to find out the perimeter for each shape that was given. My buddy was Tom, so me and him worked on this presentation together. We had to draw a rectangle, that had been measured. Our main project was to create a car park that could fit 8 cars in the car park. Enjoy!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Speeches - Reflection

This week our class had to do a speech, and all of us had to reflect on it. I have done 2 videos, of my speech and my reflection.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Digital Footprint

Every Thursday we have sessions with Ms Shearing, well in week 3 we had to make our own digital footprints. As you can see that the map shows my history. Our class had to create our own one, but this one is mine.

Do the Right thing! - Poster

This poster is to tell other people about what to do when there on there device. 
So when others get worried and don't know what to do, then think before you post something. Stay on track with your task. Do the right thing and don't be dogey.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Measurement - L3

This week we are learning about measurements. In this task we are learning to find the measurements of each body part, so like we have to take a photo on the iPad, then put it on the slide, so that we can measure it with the measuring tape. Enjoy!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Jack No name (Novel)

 This week we have been reading novels, not baby books Novels. The book that Mr Wiseman chose for our group ( bears ) was called Jack No Name. In this book we had to find out what did it symbolize, what does this book mean and how does it inspire you. So we had to write about the different stuff we found in this book. So read more to find out more about this amazing book.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ten In Numbers

Last week we did a presentation called Tens In Numbers. In this presentation we had to find out groups of ten. As you can see that I answers all of the questions in each slide. My favorite slide was when we had to create our own ones. Enjoy!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Immersion Assembly - Term 3

It was finally Term 3, It seems very fast.  Term 3 had a very interesting theme. It was Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone left there classes and walked to the hall. It was dark and everyone could see the stars above them. All the kids were screaming, but some were amazed.

Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson, had a drone in the middle of the hall. Mr S and Mr J flew the drone and they were acting like it was a UFO. Mr J and Mr S did there little performance to start off Term 3. Then Mrs Nua and Mr Burt came out, acting like they were enemies from another planet. Mr J and Mr S saved the day by fighting them with a sword.

Team 1 were first and they started very good with there movie, But then Team 2 was next and they did a movie as well. Team 2 did a song all about space. Team 3 was straight after and did a movie. But then lastly team 5 did a performance. Team 5's performance was my favorite because they were the only ones who performed and sang a song.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Cubby Holes for shoes ( Almost finished )


This is our design that we are creating. We are creating cubby holes for our shoes. We are doing a hexagon shape so it looks more better. In each hole there will be 1 shoe pair in each. We are almost finish, all we need to do is to make it bigger and better. So stay tune to look at more of our design. Our group is called the Triple freeze, and in our group we have Me (junior), John, Tj, Judah and Flynlay.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Complex Sentence

Persuasive reading

This task was about Persuasive writing. If you don't know what is Persuasive means, It means speech. We are learning to have a better speech. Our class worked on speeches and confident's. In this reading task we had to get idea's in the video and chuck in the reading presentation. Enjoy!

The great marble challenge!

This activity is a book called The Great Marble Challenge. This is about a class that had a big marble challenge going on in there class. It began on Monday and ended at Friday. We had to create our own ramp and the ball had to stop at 0.5 meters. So if you want to do this challenge then make your own ramp.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mode, Median, Range and Mean

 Hi this is my presentation about Mode, Median, Range and Mean. Mrs Tapuke gave us an presentation to work on, This is to help us get better at maths. Each slide is about Mode, Median, Range and Mean. My favorrite one is Range because it is better and harder. Bye!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Why should our Interval be longer?

Today’s Topic is going to about why should our  Interval be longer.

Kids always talk in class for some reason, is it because they want to play outside already, let's find out. Kids love to talk in class, but teachers get annoyed. I think it’s because our learning time is more longer then our break time.

10:40 I think is the best time, because all classes get time to watch PENN, relax and eat. The teachers on judy, can have the time to do the same thing to. Our morning tea time should start at 10:40 and end at 11:35. I recon that our eat time should be 10 minutes or 5 minutes, so basically it could start at 10:45, or 10:50.

Lunch time is alright because we get enough time with our learning, and enough time with our lunch time break. Some people think that Lunch time should be longer, or our learning time before lunch should be shorter.

So if you agree with me or not, then tell me if you need a shorter time or longer time.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Fun at Camp

WALT - Write an interesting and engaging recount Today room 1, made a recount plan about camp and step up. Year 7's had to do step up , but year 8's were so lucky because they went to camp.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Collect and Interpret Data

Hello this is my work called collect and interpret data, so basically this is about collecting information and putting it into a bar graph or a tally chart. As you can see that in every slide there is questions mostly about tally charts. Ms tapuke gave us these problems because these questions are actually about creating your own tall chart and finding the answer to each.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Sniff, Swing, Swipe

Hello this is about Sniff, Swing and Swipe, so basically this book is about different kind of Animal feeders. Bird Feeders is the main one because in this book different classes created there own bird feeders. If you go through my presentation then you will see my favorite bird feeder, and which class had the best design. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Statistics 2

Enjoying My Holidays!

As the Holidays began I was so excited because we got to have a 2 week break from school, but at the same time I was bored because we haven't had school for so long.

In my first week of the holidays, I enjoyed it because we went to Ice Skating and Laser strike. Well if you haven't heard of Laser strike, Laser Strike is a play where you have guns, But fake guns! But the armor you wear is a armor that protects your chest, so if you get shot it won't hurt.

Well Ice Skating is similar to normal skating, but the different is that in Ice Skating you skate on ice. Ice is so hard to skate on! Well when I went to Laser Strike it was awesome because some one came out of nowhere and shot someone from the back, but he had a anonymous mask!

In Ice Skating I had a good time because sometimes I slip and sometimes I don't. It was funny to because our church came with us and a lot of them slipped to!

In the next week we went to the pool and the movies! The reason why we went there because the church had a all night on Friday! All night is a day when your church have a all night time, but the rules are your not allowed to sleep because if you sleep someone can come with a vivid and draw on your face.

At the pools we did bombs, jumped off the diving board and ate heaps of fish and chips. My favorite part at the is when we jumped off the 3rd highest diving board! That was scary!!

I really enjoyed my holidays and I hope you guys do bye!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Kiwi Kids News - Made by me

This presentation is created by me and it is about different latest articles in Kiwi Kids news. So in each slide there would be a title that will say the articles name, and as you can see that theirs are picture on the right side to show what the article looks like. Lastly you will see in the box that I have added information to talk to you guys about the article. My favorite article had to be the cup blowing challenge because it is similar to the bottle flip challenge, but way more different and funner. Hope you guys and girls enjoy the rest of my work on my blog :)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Solve Word Problem

This presentation is about word problems. in this presentation we have to solve each question thats why its called solve word problems. Ms Tapuke gave us this presentation to solve in week 11 2017. As you can see that in every slide there's answers from my brain, but mostly there's fraction, percentage and decimal questions. Please enjoy my blog.

Friday, 7 April 2017


 Hi my name is Junior and this is my presentation about Fractions. In this presentation we had to identify and order all the fraction questions. In each slide we had to answer all questions, but the questions are all about the biggest and the smallest  fractions out of each. Please enjoy my blog.

Independent and Dependent clauses

 This week in writing we have been learning about independent and dependent clauses. Mr Wiseman gave us a presentation to work on about the 2 clauses. For an example a independent clause is a full sentence like " The boy went to the shops ", Thats a Independent clause, but when it comes to a dependent clause it's way more different. A Dependent clause is when a sentence needs more information added. Like " When we went to the park ", as you can see that it's not finished and it needs more information. So thats what we have been learning through out this week in writing. Please enjoy

Thursday, 6 April 2017

My summer Peom

Hello people. This is my Summer Poem that I made with the wonderful Mrs Shearing and Ms Tapuke. Mrs Shearing Showed us a site and on the site you can make your own poem. ENjoy

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Water Cycle Movie

Hi my name is Junior and this is my water cycle movie. In this movie I will be telling you information about this water cycle. On this Movie theirs 4 different  stages in the Water cycle. Please enjoy.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Witch Island

Witch Island

20 years ago, people thought that this humongous Island only had human beings, but actually it had living Witches.

The Island was called Witch Island. Basically it only had Witches and living creatures. This Island was so scary that when people arrived to the Island, Witches would come out of nowhere and kill them. That’s why people don’t go there.

Witches are Creatures that look like human beings, but in a scary version. They have a flying broomstick, magical powers, black coats and long black pointy hats. Witches would only roam around at night, so when every light is off they go hunting for humans or creatures.

Ryder was a boy that knew about Witch Island. Ryder is 12 years of age and he and his Mum stays near Witch Island. Ryder was the only person in his school to know about Witch Island. It was evening so Ryder went back home and did nothing. It hit 7 o'clock so Ryder kept his eyelids open and stayed awake on his bed.

All the light’s turned off and Ryder was still awake. The Witches emerge through the darkness and into the City. Ryder knew what was going to happen when It’s night time. BOOM! A strange sound came from the backyard. Ryder was really petrified.

Ryder hid under his blanket and waited for any danger. “ WItches ”, said Ryder. Ryder quickly got out of his bed and ran down stairs. One Grotesque Witch saw Ryder sprinting across the room, so the Witch stayed in contact with Ryder.

“ Yes I finally caught a human ”, said the Witch. Ryder turned around because he thought he heard a voice. The Witch quickly hid behind the large log that was stuck into the dirt. Ryder slowly opened the door. The Witch kept an eye on him. So the ugly Witch scared Ryder and Ryder quickly shut the door.

“ THAT WAS A WITCH ”, said Ryder to himself. So he sprinted to back to his room and stayed there. The Witch lost Ryder so he went back to Witch Island. “ OMG, that was actually a witch ”, shouted Ryder. His mum heard Ryder shout.
“ Ryder what was going on ”, Said the mum with anger.
“ Nothing, I need to go back to sleep ”, replied Ryder. So Ryder walked back upstairs and went to sleep.

The Sun pecked through the curtains, and Ryder woke up. “ It’s morning I better get going to school ”. Ryder walked to school really speedy. One of Ryder’s best friends came up to Ryder and said “ Ryder how was your sleep, because you look tired ”.
Ryder looked at him with a angry face. “ I remembered that there was a witch at my house last night ”, said to himself.

Ryder was at class with his friends. " Ryder did you get enough sleep ", said Ryder's teacher.
Ryder didn't want to answer back so he stood up and walked outside. " What's wrong with him ", said the teacher.

Ryder ran back home. " Witches ", said Ryder. "Get ready for tonight " said Ryder. THE END!!!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A piece of paradise

This is one of the other task that we've been given from Mr Wisemam. This is called A piece of paradise. So that title is the name of the story aswell. In this task you have to make your own harvest with shapes or you draw it. The story is about a rain god and a sun god have a big harvest battle, but it didn't work. So they decided that none of them won. So it was a draw. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mince and cheese part 1

We firstly got all our materials before we started. We used a wooden spoon, 2 measuring cups, measuring spoons, a big spoon and a small measuring bowl. After that we got all our towels that we needed.

Then Hosea went to get the onions. After he got them he peeled all of the skin off then he cut them into to small cubes that look like mini squares.
I went to go and get the 2 cups. In one cup we had to add a small cube which makes stock. Then I went to the tap and put in hot water so the small cube can melt. After it melted it turned brown and it came up with stock. The white one is corn starch and water. We added the corn starch and then we added a full cup of water with the corn starch.
Zack went to get one of the measuring bowls and put in soy sauce.
As you can see that I went to go get a small plate of a big squared mince.
When Hosea finished the onions he made a amazing creation with the onions. He made a cool smiley face. It looks messy on the outside, but you can see the smile and the two eyes.
We added the mince in the pan with the onions. After that we added the soy sauce to go with the nice beautiful mince.
Lastly we added the soy sauce, the nice stock and the corn starch with water. So next week we are gonna add a pile of cheese to go with the mince and following that we a doing our pastry for the mince and cheese pie. Enjoy

Monday, 20 March 2017

People and place names

This is my new task iv'e been working on. It is called people and places names. Here are the place names and people names and in every single name iv'e answerd it. So you have to explain what each name means like Motutapu is the main island in the story. Thanks for looking at my blog. Enjoy

Friday, 17 March 2017

Myths and legends about the sea

A awesome time in Polyfest.

People thought that polyfest only had island groups, but that's not the only thing that happens at polyfest.

Polyfest is a event that happens every year. Polyfest has a Cook Island group, Samoan group, Tongan group and every other pacific group that perform on the stage. Almost forgot there’s a group named diversity. DIversity is a group that has other country’s in it like Chinese, Indian, Burmese and more.

My 1st highlight at Polyfest was when we got to hold real guns. The guns were 2 pistols, a Aug A1 and a machine gun. Then when we held the guns Taani's aunty took a picture of us holding the gun. I was holding the Aug A1, John was holding the pistol, Lanzie was hold the other pistol and Villy was hold the machine gun.

My 2nd highlight was when we got to watch the diversity stage. India was the country that was performing. India was so cool that a Indian beat was playing then it turned into a cool as remix. When we were watching the Indian group we were sitting on the highest point on the seats that go up. The Indian group were wearing a white t - shirt, black baggy pants and no shoes.
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My last highlight was when we got a ASB bag filled with sunglasses, sunscreen, polyfest tattoo logo and a fan. Firstly I put on sunscreen, then after that I put on the sunglasses and my hat. Then we walked around getting prizes from each place. My favorite prize was when we got a mini fan that can connect to our phone so when we are playing on our phone and where hot we can connect the mini fan. Enjoy my blog. Heres what i did Dance

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Whale child

This week our group Bears, have been learning about the whale child. As you can see the top image is a image about the whale child. The language features. Mr Wiseman gave us 3 books to read and our fist one was the whale child. In each box it has 5 different questions, but the first one tells you how to draw the giant glass towers, so i drawed it. Then it keeps going and going util the last question. Thanks for looking at my post enjoy my blog.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Water cycle poster

Hi my name is Junior and this i my poster about the water cycle. As you can see that in each cloud it tells you whats happening like for an example. In one cloud it says evaporation. So you could see the water evaporating into the cloud. so that make more cloud. Then thats condensation. Condensation is when more clouds come. The 2nd to last step is when it starts raining so thats precipitation. Lastly all that water from the cloud goes into water and thats my water cycle.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Place Value

WALT - Identify Place Value of Numbers up to 1000  Talofa Lava, this is my presentation about place value. As you can see in every slide there's answers to each question by me. Ms Tapuke gave us work and a presentation about place value. Place value is the position, or place, of a digit in a number written in standard form . So now I have told you what is place value. On the second slide of the presentation has an example and answered questions. For an example if the number was 54 then I would have to write the number in letters. Hope you enjoy my blog. Bye!!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Talking Points

This week Mr Wiseman picked a group of 5 people. Mr Wiseman made us are presentation called Talking Points. We had to agree or disagree to these 6 questions on the image. Our question on our site was what we need to improve on and what did we found challenging. Well as you can see that my questions have been answered agree and disagree. As you can see the  image with the brown background shows 2 thoughts from each person. Enjoy our learning.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Water poster

This is my poster about Why people drink water? Water is healthy because no sugar and fat is in the water. Here is my information about why people drink water. Enjoy my blog!

Why people drink water?

People thought that drinking water only keeps you hydrated and healthy. Well there’s other things that happen when you drink water.

Dehydration can cause a lot of issues. Like people getting headaches, people getting tired and people getting skin cancer. Well to avoid those things. You need to drink more water to keep hydrated. Because if you don’t drink water then you will stay dehydrated.  

Water cleans out all the waste in the inside of your body. So all the yucky waste inside your body get’s clean out from water. Water has no sugar or no fat because it’s just plain water. The reason why water cleans out all the yucky waste in your body because water is clean. If you drink fizzy then it will add more waste in your body.

Water keeps you nice and healthy. Drinking water keeps you healthy not like fizzy. Fizzy drinks never make you healthy because all the fatness and  sugarness are all in the Fizzy drink. Image result for water

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Kete of knowledge

Three kete of knowledge poster

WALT - Make connections between our prior knowledge and examples within the text in order to understand more abstract ideas in the text.

This week we learned about a book called kete of knowledge. The three kete's were called Mind, Body and soul.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Number of the week

This is my number of the week is 677. As you can see, in each slide I wrote down if the number was odd or even, how many tens is in 677, how to write 677 in letters and I wrote 2 questions on the 2 last slides. This is my number of the week presentation. Hope you like it.