Thursday, 16 November 2017

RLWC - 2017

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RLWC 2017 teams. Scotland, Tonga, Papua New guinea, Kiwis, Australia, Samoa, England, Fiji, USA, Lebanon, France and Italy. This week is going to be the quarter finals. Its Australia vs Samoa at Darwin stadium. Kiwis vs Fiji at Wellington Regional stadium. Tonga vs Lebanon at Christchurch stadium. England vs Papua New guinea at Melbourne rectangular stadium.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Nursery Rhyme - Little Red Riding Hood ( Made by Me )

Over the hills, down into the woods. Lived a little young girl named little red riding hood. She lived with her mum in a small house, but she didn’t like her mum because she likes her small filthy mouse. Her mum gave her a basket of food to give to her grandma. Her mum told her to come back for dinner.

She walked down the trail near her homeland, Then a grotesque wolf came out of nowhere. So the basket dropped out of her hand. The wolf asked are you going anywhere. She didn’t want  to tell him so she said she was going nowhere.

She picked up her basket slowly, just incase the wolf eats her without knowing. She kept walking, but she didn’t know the wolf was still looking. She was near her grandma’s house walking with joy. All of sudden she see’s someone in her grandmother’s house that looks like a boy.

Little red riding hood walked in through the door. Her grandma looked in the basket, and there was apple’s and more. Little red riding hood observed that her grandmother had big ears. She thought it’s because she hasn’t seen her in years. She looked at her grandmother up to her chin. She was confused because she had dark skin.

She heard something like her grandmother coming from the back door. But then she thought it was coming from the cupboard door. She opened it up and it was her grandma tied up with ropes.

A hunter came in and killed the wolf. Then everything turned to normal. Little red riding hood was in laughter. So they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tonga vs Samoa. Round 2 of the RLWC world cup - 2017

Last week on Saturday me and my family were setting up for the upcoming World Cup game. It was a game that a lot of people have been waiting for. It was Tonga vs Samoa. The other part of my family went for tonga, and my part of my family went for Samoa.

The game started so we all focused on the game. Tonga and Samoa huddled in a group for a pray. Reason why they did that together because they didn’t want a fight to happen after the game.

The haka came on and it was amazing. Both teams did it at the same time and it was cool. I reckon Tonga had the best haka. Game started so it was Tonga’s kick off. My highlights was some hit’s from Jason Taumalolo, He plays for Tonga. He is so good.

Samoa were going up against Jason Taumalolo and Andrew Fifta, which are the best forwards in the Tongan team. The first try went to Michael Jennings, he from the tongan side as well. He actually scored 2 tries. More players did some tries from the Tongan side, but sadly Samoa didn’t score yet.

It was the second half, so samoa fighted back with 3 tries. But Sadly Samoa lost the game. So Next week Samoa will be taking Scotland and Tonga will be taking New Zealand. If Tonga beat’s New Zealand then both teams will make it in the quarter final, If New Zealand wins then both teams will still go in.

Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand and Scotland are in Pool B. Australia, Lebanon, England and France are In Pool A. Pool C is PNG, Europe 1 and Europe 2. Pool D is Usa, FIji and Europe 3. ENJOY!

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A few day ago it was Fireworks. I celebrated fireworks because it was my brother's birthday. Fireworks are one of my favorite days in every year. Fire Works only happen once, every year. Fire works are so cool because you can watch the amazing fire works explode in the sky. But watch out it can be dangerous for little kids.

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Rules

 Last week we did a task, called The Rules. We had to read a book and find out the rules about the orchestra. There are 4 parts of the orchestra. One part is woodwind instruments, another is Brass, another is Percussion and the last one is string. Thank you readers for reading my blog.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A talk with Mr Patterson

In the morning we had a special guest and his name was Mr Patterson. Mr Patterson came in the team 5 block to talk with us. He talked to us about Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation. He gave us a formula to solve, like A = Aspiration, I = Inspiration and M = Motivation. 

He gave us some tips that really inspired all of us. I was inspired when he talked about be a giver. Be a giver means to notice and act when someone is struggling. He talked about a 11 year old boy that changed a old man's life. That inspired me as well. 

We watched a video about the boy that help the man. The boy gave the man his lunch money everyday for two weeks, and that changed the man's life. The man told the school, so Willy got a big reward. All of us got inspired and shocked that he actually did the right thing to the man.

After he told us about the important things. It made me want to be like Willy. It made me want to change someone's life. Enjoy!