Friday, 15 May 2015

World War 1 Information

Hi my name is Junior and this is my post I made about World War 1. I made a post about World War 1 because I want to help others understand what happened and why we should never forget about the brave soldiers.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Warriors vs Sharks

Image result for sharks vs warriors logoHi my name is Junior and I will be telling you about sharks vs Warriors.Sharks vs Warriors was a pretty close game it was 16-20.Konrad Harrell bump off the sharks wing and he got a broken jaw so he had to go hospital. Shawn Johnson was good and he did all of the plays.That why Warriors won because they were doing teamwork.Number 4 in the Warriors nearly got a try but he just knock it on so it was no try.

When it was over the score was 16-20 so the Warriors won.

60 Second burger run

Image result for 60 second burger runImage result for 60 second burger runName of Game: 60 Second burger run
How do you score/ win: You have to run to the burger shop before the time runs out.
Difficulty: 9/10
Fun: 7/10

60 Second burger run is a side scrolling game and it is a hard game.When you run you can break bricks and the point for the game is you have to run to the bus stop before the time runs out.When you're running you will see how much time is left.If you keep on making it to the bus stop it will still continue.When you get to the 4 level there is spikes and if you jump on a brick then it will break.60 Second burger run is one of the hardest game in cool math games.Well your running you will see a brown brick that you can jump through.If you make it to a bus stop then the time will get higher so that you don't wast time.You have to watch out because if you jump on a brick then it will break.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Anzac World war 1

Image result for anzacImage result for anzac

We had a special assembly so we can remember the people who died in World war 1.Some of us wore some poppy’s to show respect for the people who battle on the field of poppy’s.They always march to their trench . .A trench is a deep walkway to keep them safe from the enemy’s.Dogs are faster because it will be hard for the sniper people to kill.  
In World War 1 they came from ships to turkey to have the battle with the germans.

Some of the teachers wore a poppies to show respect for the ones that died for us. Did you know that ANZAC stands for  Australia ,New Zealand ,Army ,Corp. Did you know that poppies grow on a battlefield and also they use dogs to send notes  to the other side of the field because if we run pass they can shoot us because were out on the open. In WW1 that means it is World War 1 they had trench it is a line that is petter deep. They also been using reins to carry the ones that are hurt.

Dog are faster than us it will be really hard for anyone you try and shoot dogs. Did you know in ww1 they woke up up at 5:30 am. At 6:00 the battle began to start. Did you know people didn’t know that it was about W.A.R. Most people will surrender because they do not want to die. The one that died for us was the one that died of honor.

If a another emery squad surrenders the other emery squad will send them back to the county in peace.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Name of Game: Johnny-upgrade
How do you score/ win: You win by defeat the boss
Difficulty: 7/10
Fun: 10/10
Junior work :Johnny-Upgrade is a side scrolling game and it is one of the top games.When you play you can get coins to upgrade your guy.well you're running there will be traps and there will be a laser gun.When you get the laser gun you can upgrade gun so you get more bullets and if you get lot’s of bullet you can beat the boss.In the game there is enemy’s like robots and lot’s of bombs.If you keep on upgrading your guy then he will be max.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Walking animation

WALT: Walking animation
Hi my name is Junior and this is my animation about me walking around omaru creek.we wanted to keep the water clean so it can keep the ducks, catfish, and eels healthy.