Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Veronica's Velvet

WALT: Locate information within a text This week, we did a reading task called Veronica's, Velvet. We had to do Vocab's, Grammar and Sequencing. Vocab means, when you match the words from the text to the clues. Grammar means, A compound word is made of two separate words, e.g. Afternoon. Lastly Sequencing means, when you look back through the card to find what happened fist. This book is about a girl name Veronica's mother makes a Velvet cushion. When she finished making it Veronica's mother finds leftover scraps and then she puts it into a magical treasure box. After years later, Ruth takes that scraps and then she makes her a magical skirt with different color's in it. Ruth go's over sea's and when she comes back she comes back with a baby in her belly. Later on Ruth put's her Skirt in the op shop and then a lady named tanya buy's the skirt from the op shop. Then it carries on and on.

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