Friday, 17 February 2017

Why people drink water?

People thought that drinking water only keeps you hydrated and healthy. Well there’s other things that happen when you drink water.

Dehydration can cause a lot of issues. Like people getting headaches, people getting tired and people getting skin cancer. Well to avoid those things. You need to drink more water to keep hydrated. Because if you don’t drink water then you will stay dehydrated.  

Water cleans out all the waste in the inside of your body. So all the yucky waste inside your body get’s clean out from water. Water has no sugar or no fat because it’s just plain water. The reason why water cleans out all the yucky waste in your body because water is clean. If you drink fizzy then it will add more waste in your body.

Water keeps you nice and healthy. Drinking water keeps you healthy not like fizzy. Fizzy drinks never make you healthy because all the fatness and  sugarness are all in the Fizzy drink. Image result for water


  1. Hey Junior what a great story! I'd like the way you explain how water is good for you, it's just that you said people too much and fizzy drink. Try to avoid that a use something else, but good story thought!


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