Thursday, 24 August 2017

Don't drink energy drinks - speech

A article that I read was published back in 2014. This article that I read was about a sixteen year old girl that died, by drinking too much energy drink. By the way her name was Lanna Haman.

And that's why people shouldn't be drinking any energy drinks.

Image result for dont drink energy drinksMy sister started to drink energy drinks everyday, sometimes I see her sitting down on the couch drinking Lift plus. Few weeks later she got addicted to it, but why does she love it so much.  

Energy drinks contains heaps of caffeine, which isn’t good for you. The Caffeine in Energy drinks is a whole lot different than average drinks. Energy drinks contain a high level of sugar, which could make people love it so much.

Did you know that energy drinks include a bit of alcohol, so if you had one that means you been drinking a bit alcohol as well.

Another ingredient is Vitamin B. Vitamin B is included Energy Drinks, Some know that it’s good for your health, but too much can be dangerous.

People had situations with energy drinks, because the drink is strong and unhealthy. If your under 10 shouldn't be drinking energy drinks. Even if you're older, you still shouldn't be drinking any like Mr Wiseman.

The last ingredient is taurine, taurine is a acid that people add in energy drinks. But be careful it’s dangerous.

People our age shouldn't be drinking any, because it’s too strong for our body.

Hope you boys and girls enjoy. Thank you.


  1. Hi Junior i finally know why i can't drink v as Mr Wiseman but i didn't know that there was a little girl who died from that thank for the tip.

    Keep on posting


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