Friday, 14 August 2015

If I had 1 Million dollars

When I woke up for school I went to my bag and guess what was in my bag was 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!. When I saw it I was really stoked and I didn't even wanted to go school,but I only could pay my 1 million dollars in one day.This would be really really fun having 1 million dollars because I can nearly buy everything in every shop.

One of the shops I went to was one of the best selling toy shop Toy World.I wouldn't buy anything thing for me, but I would buy some things for my friends and family.

Then I would go to JB HIFI because it is a fun store.At JB HIFI I would buy my sister a sumsung galaxy S6 and a laptop.Another thing I would buy is a PS4 for my cousin because he always wanted a PS4 or a Xbox one.

The shop Footlocker is one of my favorite shoe shop I ever went to.At footlocker I will buy My sister converses because she always wanted White converse and I would buy me red and black Jordan flights.

My favorite part is spending my money on stuff for my family and my friends.I really enjoyed spending all the 1 million dollars because I have everything I need and everything my family and friends need.

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