Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Aspiration Talk

On the 11th of April 2016, the year 7-8 had a special meeting with 3 special people, which are Kenese, Arizona and Andrew. These people came to talk to us about inspiring people. Firstly Andrew talk about AIM. If you don't know what AIM stands for it stands for Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation. Andrew told us the three words so we can always remember it.

Arizona Leger was up next. She told us about her self. She is Tongan, Maori, Fijian and Samoa. Her Mums Maori, her name is fetu, and Her Dad is Tongan, Fijian and Samoan. He was the first New Zealander man to get signto go and play in the United States of America.

Arizona's Dad use to play Baseball for the Angels. Arizona has 2 brothers, one of them go's to Sacred Heart College and he is 11 years old. Her other brother is around in the 20's. He's got big hair and big beard that's how Arizona described him.

Arizona got to work for Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Crazy right. She got to get Mickey Mouse ears, but first she had to earn them. Arizona earned them by Dreaming big, Working hard and Share Happiness. Arizona got taught a lot of languages when she was a Disney World she got taught en, Spanish, Japanese, India and more.

Arizona met lots of cool cartoon characters in Disney World like, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Donald the duck, Snitch from the Lilo and Snitch cartoon and more. When she came back from America, she worked for Flavor 95.8, it's a Radio station.

Kenese turn. He told about him self he told us how he grew up. Kenese is Samoan and Nuiean. He was raised in Samoa. He has a twin brother named Fa'aliga. When Kenese moved to New Zealand, he use to go to Wesley primary, witch is near Auckland city in Central.

In Central Kenese told us there were always gangs on the streets. When he was in intermediate he told us that he wasn't good.

Kenese didn't know how to speak English, when he got to New Zealand. Kenese told us to always be confident when your talking and always make right decisions.

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