Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

The first day of Term 2. We are having a immersion Assembly, so that we can show what are we doing for this Term. This Term our topic is AS I SEE IT. As we entered we could hear music, I felt Excited.

Firstly Team 1 Teachers, was talking about there favorite things. They made a presentation about Team 1 teachers. All the teachers had a favorite thing and like there favorite type of Chocolate, favorite type of pet and more. Subsequently Ms George told us question after the presentation. She said question about the presentation, and if we get it right, then we get Ms George favorite chocolate, Whittakers.

Afterwards Team 2 was about seasons. they made a movie about seasons, like Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Each class in Team 2 gets a season each, like Ms Eadie is Winter, Ms Tumahia is Autumn, Ms Szymanik is Summer and Ms Nalder is Spring. In Team 2's movie they have shown us what is it like when it is Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Next was Team 3. This year Team 3 is all about building stuff. They were about Grand design, which is about building. This Term Team 3 has shown us a movie about building a house, what's it like when you bring people and how good is the house.

After that was Team 4 they were about comic books. they are going to create comic books, paint comic books and write comic books.They made a movie about superhero's and comic books. In the movie there's 2 amateur superhero's going to vs bear Baxendine. the 2 amateur superhero's go's and fights bear Baxendine.

 Finally it was Team 5's turn we are learning about the 4 waka's, Hikianalia, Hokulea, HineMoana and Te Aurere. Hikianalia means the yellow stars, Hokulea means the earth, HineMoana means the blue ocean and Te Aurere means the sweat, blood and tears.

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