Thursday, 15 September 2016

Magnus the Magnificent

Magnus the Magnificent

Long, long time ago in the lands of Theodore, there was a man named Magnus. Magnus was an old grotesque filthy man who lived in the streets near Hyper park. Hyper park was a quiet park where plenty of people would go. The weather was dripping like a waterfall was getting ready to splash. Magnus would always walk around the park looking for food, looking for clothes and looking for money. The only ability Magnus had was to hear, smell, feel and see. One day, he wished that he could become rich and famous.

Sadley Magnus was very lonely and very poor. He had no money on him, no food and no spare clothes. No one around him would touch him or even get close to him. He had no friends. Everyday Magnus would try to ask for money, but it won’t work. Magnus even tries to ask for spare clothes, but it still won’t work. He tried and tried and tried, but it won’t work at all.

Magnus remembered that he wished to become rich and famous. He thought of it for a few seconds and started searching for a good job. Magnus came up with a spectacular idea. Afterwards Magnus found a new job near Hyper park. His job was the right job for him. So he worked there and earned some money for himself. Magnus became magnificent.

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