Friday, 23 September 2016

Partley cloudy

Once upon a time, joyful clouds in the sky made lot’s of nice lovely creatures. Creatures like cuddly puppies, sweet cats and happy babies. Storks would always come to collect the gift, then fly away and give them to parents or animals. One friendless dark grey cloud named griff, could make creatures, but they were more different than the others. Griff’s stork, Fred, wasn't as happy as the other storks, it had one black eye, it’s feathers were coming off and it was dirty. Fred had enough of the creatures that Griff made, so he flew off to the cloud that was on top of Griff. Griff’s feelings wasn't as happy like it shouldn't be. His cloud was filled with anger, so he rumbled and tumbled like an old man. Once he saw Fred getting a gift, Griff started to cry like a waterfall was falling. Griff’s feelings was sad and angry, so Fred came back to Griff with a gift in his hands. Fred opened his gift and it was extra gear for him, so if he gets hit, he won’t get hurt. Griff was cheerful and happy, when Fred came back. Afterwards they lived happy ever after.Image result for partly cloudy

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