Thursday, 3 November 2016

The seaside cottage

The seaside cottage
Long ago in the lands of Jacksonville, there lived a friendless family. This family lived here for nearly 20 years near the sea shore. The cottage was rusted, the windows were old, the walls were filthy and the kitchen disgusting. The cottage broke down in 1965 when this old family moved in.

This old family were talented. They can sing, dance and make cool catchy songs. One of their son’s name was Simeon. He was talented at singing. All day long he would walk around and sing his favorite song. “ I like to eat, apples and bananas, I like to eat, apples and bananas”. That was one of his favorite songs.

Until it came to his little brother Max. He really loves dancing. His favorite place to dance was outside in the backyard. He does flips and amazing moves. Danny was his older brother. He’s talented at making cool songs. When he sees his brother, he always dashes to him and play catchy songs.

But the new people who moved in wasn't as talented as the other family. They were just friendless and joyless. There plan was to make their cottage clean and spotless. So Miracle was Ford's big sister. She was the one who planned this.

Afterwards Miracle came with her team and started working on the cottage. “ Nice view over here ”, said one of the workers.
“ Yeah I know right ”, replied Miracle.
“ Let's start working on this cottage ”, said Miracle. So they started busting down the doors, walls and rooms.

They bought new apartment things and started placing them on the doors, wall and rooms. “ Oh my gosh, this looks much better ” said Miracle.
“ This is a miracle ”, said one of the workers.

So there family lived happily ever after.

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