Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The test

This week and last week. We had reading test, writing test and math test. Last week was reading test. It was a little bit hard for me, but I still handled it. I was quite nervous and scared at the same time, because you don't know you might fail it in any time. When we started the reading test I was aright until we started.

" Begin your test in 3, 2, 1 go!", said Mr Wisman. So the test began. Some of the questions were hard and easy, but some of them were way to hard. My favorite question out of all was the gun cannon. That was easy and hard.

My second favorite was called the yeast in bread. That was too easy for me. Then lastly my favorite was the dog chase. That was easy as well as the other one's. The strategies iv'e learned was reading it properly and answer the questions properly.

This test was important to us so we can learn next year and learn more about reading. Then it came to the writing test. That was hard because we had to write about a picture in 40 minutes it was fast. I was nervous when we started the test.

Once again " Begin your test in 3, 2, 1 go!", said Mr Wiseman. I started writing about this picture. The picture was a picture of the forest, but my story was called the gloomy forest. The writing test was hard.

When we finished I was happy for my self I completed the next test which was the writing test. The strategies I learned was past tense, personification, similes and don't USE PAST TENSE.

Then lastly it was the maths test. The maths test was alright. I was feeling nervous and happy because I like maths. And another one "Begin your test ", said Mr Wiseman. I started it and it was easy in the start until it go to the end it was hard.

I learned doubles, subtraction, addition, times and division. This maths was really important to me because maths was one of the best iv'e ever done. THE END

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