Friday, 17 March 2017

A awesome time in Polyfest.

People thought that polyfest only had island groups, but that's not the only thing that happens at polyfest.

Polyfest is a event that happens every year. Polyfest has a Cook Island group, Samoan group, Tongan group and every other pacific group that perform on the stage. Almost forgot there’s a group named diversity. DIversity is a group that has other country’s in it like Chinese, Indian, Burmese and more.

My 1st highlight at Polyfest was when we got to hold real guns. The guns were 2 pistols, a Aug A1 and a machine gun. Then when we held the guns Taani's aunty took a picture of us holding the gun. I was holding the Aug A1, John was holding the pistol, Lanzie was hold the other pistol and Villy was hold the machine gun.

My 2nd highlight was when we got to watch the diversity stage. India was the country that was performing. India was so cool that a Indian beat was playing then it turned into a cool as remix. When we were watching the Indian group we were sitting on the highest point on the seats that go up. The Indian group were wearing a white t - shirt, black baggy pants and no shoes.
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My last highlight was when we got a ASB bag filled with sunglasses, sunscreen, polyfest tattoo logo and a fan. Firstly I put on sunscreen, then after that I put on the sunglasses and my hat. Then we walked around getting prizes from each place. My favorite prize was when we got a mini fan that can connect to our phone so when we are playing on our phone and where hot we can connect the mini fan. Enjoy my blog. Heres what i did Dance

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