Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Witch Island

Witch Island

20 years ago, people thought that this humongous Island only had human beings, but actually it had living Witches.

The Island was called Witch Island. Basically it only had Witches and living creatures. This Island was so scary that when people arrived to the Island, Witches would come out of nowhere and kill them. That’s why people don’t go there.

Witches are Creatures that look like human beings, but in a scary version. They have a flying broomstick, magical powers, black coats and long black pointy hats. Witches would only roam around at night, so when every light is off they go hunting for humans or creatures.

Ryder was a boy that knew about Witch Island. Ryder is 12 years of age and he and his Mum stays near Witch Island. Ryder was the only person in his school to know about Witch Island. It was evening so Ryder went back home and did nothing. It hit 7 o'clock so Ryder kept his eyelids open and stayed awake on his bed.

All the light’s turned off and Ryder was still awake. The Witches emerge through the darkness and into the City. Ryder knew what was going to happen when It’s night time. BOOM! A strange sound came from the backyard. Ryder was really petrified.

Ryder hid under his blanket and waited for any danger. “ WItches ”, said Ryder. Ryder quickly got out of his bed and ran down stairs. One Grotesque Witch saw Ryder sprinting across the room, so the Witch stayed in contact with Ryder.

“ Yes I finally caught a human ”, said the Witch. Ryder turned around because he thought he heard a voice. The Witch quickly hid behind the large log that was stuck into the dirt. Ryder slowly opened the door. The Witch kept an eye on him. So the ugly Witch scared Ryder and Ryder quickly shut the door.

“ THAT WAS A WITCH ”, said Ryder to himself. So he sprinted to back to his room and stayed there. The Witch lost Ryder so he went back to Witch Island. “ OMG, that was actually a witch ”, shouted Ryder. His mum heard Ryder shout.
“ Ryder what was going on ”, Said the mum with anger.
“ Nothing, I need to go back to sleep ”, replied Ryder. So Ryder walked back upstairs and went to sleep.

The Sun pecked through the curtains, and Ryder woke up. “ It’s morning I better get going to school ”. Ryder walked to school really speedy. One of Ryder’s best friends came up to Ryder and said “ Ryder how was your sleep, because you look tired ”.
Ryder looked at him with a angry face. “ I remembered that there was a witch at my house last night ”, said to himself.

Ryder was at class with his friends. " Ryder did you get enough sleep ", said Ryder's teacher.
Ryder didn't want to answer back so he stood up and walked outside. " What's wrong with him ", said the teacher.

Ryder ran back home. " Witches ", said Ryder. "Get ready for tonight " said Ryder. THE END!!!

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