Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mince and cheese part 1

We firstly got all our materials before we started. We used a wooden spoon, 2 measuring cups, measuring spoons, a big spoon and a small measuring bowl. After that we got all our towels that we needed.

Then Hosea went to get the onions. After he got them he peeled all of the skin off then he cut them into to small cubes that look like mini squares.
I went to go and get the 2 cups. In one cup we had to add a small cube which makes stock. Then I went to the tap and put in hot water so the small cube can melt. After it melted it turned brown and it came up with stock. The white one is corn starch and water. We added the corn starch and then we added a full cup of water with the corn starch.
Zack went to get one of the measuring bowls and put in soy sauce.
As you can see that I went to go get a small plate of a big squared mince.
When Hosea finished the onions he made a amazing creation with the onions. He made a cool smiley face. It looks messy on the outside, but you can see the smile and the two eyes.
We added the mince in the pan with the onions. After that we added the soy sauce to go with the nice beautiful mince.
Lastly we added the soy sauce, the nice stock and the corn starch with water. So next week we are gonna add a pile of cheese to go with the mince and following that we a doing our pastry for the mince and cheese pie. Enjoy

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