Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross Country: Show not Tell

Image result for cross countryOn the starting line, I could feel my stomach Blasting and Charging like a Wrecking ball was going to smash through my stomach, my legs were wobbly like jelly and noodles, my heart was pounding like a volcano eruption, I could hear the crowd shouting and cheering through everyone's ears. I felt like leaving but there was no way out, Mr Burt slapped the 2 bricks together and everyone were blasting and charging towards the cones.

We were blasting like Jet Planes going across the field and Our Legs were sprinting like a Lion was chasing it’s enemy and Our legs were filled with pain. Well we were running we were huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf was gonna blow down everyone. My arms were red like it was burning with hot fire.

I was relieved to see the finish line in my eyes. My sweat felt like a water fountain dripping down, my cheeks were burning with boiling hot water in a pot, my legs were shaking like an earthquake and my back felt like it was getting roasted in a grill. When I was running I could hear shouting and yelling like there was a Olympics happening. Once I got on the finish line my face was filled Joy and Happiness and I said to myself “ I am a CHAMPION!!! ”

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