Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

" Hiwi the Kiwi!!!, Hiwi the Kiwi!!! ". Hiwi the Kiwi were a group that was educating us on fishing safety ( Kai Moana ). The people were Mr and Mrs Minstrel. They were Husband and Wife duo and Both of them lived in a extensive caravan. When we went inside the hall Mr and Mrs Minstrel told us about what you should do when you fishing.
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1. If you find a fish it has to be 30 meters long if it's short or long you have to put it back in the water.

2. When you put it in the water you have to get a cloth with soaked water and then put it in, because if you put it in with your hands then the scales from the fish will come off that will damage it.

3. You have to wear a life jacket when your on a boat, canoe, sailboat and a motor boat.

Mr Minstrel said if you get the best writing in the school you will win a flash fishing rod. When I heard that I said to myself " I want to win that flash fishing rod, I love fishing and it's green that's my favorite color ". Mr and Mrs Minstrel were Lovely at singing, especially Mr Minstrel he was talented and he was good at playing the guitar. Mrs Minstrel was talented at dancing. 

They even talked about different kinds of fishes. My favorite was the Snappers and Yellow tails fishes. Those fishes looked delicious and scrumptious. He talked about Snappers, King fish, Tuna and more. 
They sang us all different kinds of songs like Kia Moana, Pukeko and more, but my favorite was Pukeko,  Kia Moana that song was catchy. My favorite part of the song was when it goes " Kia Moana for you and me " and for Pukeko my favorite part was when it goes " Pukeko-weko!!!!, PUKEKO-WEKO!!! ".

These were my favorite parts and I am hoping to win that prize!!!!

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