Thursday, 11 August 2016

The BFG Book and Movie

Last term our Literacy teacher Mr Wiseman read us the Roald Dahl BFG book. At the 10th of August we went to go watch the new released movie the BFG in Sylvia park.  I think the movie was cool. It looked realistic and it was better in action, but I think the book gave it more detail than the movie. To me the movie looked alive.

The book was different to the movie because the book gave it more detail and the book was a little bit different to the movie's way. Some bit's were different then the movie because in the book it said that the Giants were put away in a pit where lot's of people could see it, but in the movie it said it was put into a different island.

My Favorite character was the BFG because the BFG was funny, emotional, cool and the BFG took care of Sophie. The BFG was really tall he had ears like a size of a elephants ears and he was careful with Sophie. The BFG gave Sophie good care and he made a small house for her, he took care of her and he took care of her when the bad Giants came to the BFG's house. When the Bad Giants got token away from the island they got token away to a different island and they were give Snozzcumber and Snozzcumber seeds. The bad Giants were really bad there were 9 of them they wanted to eat Sophie because they eat people, but the BFG doesn't eat people.

My Favorite part in the story was when the BFG showed Sophie where he catches dreams. There was a secret place where the BFG caught his dreams and there was a underworld. When they jumped in the water they went to a secret underworld where lot's of dreams were, there were bad dreams and happy dreams.

My second favorite part was when the queens army took the 9 bad Giants to a new Island where they wouldn't boss the BFG around and they got a treat from the queen at it was Snozzcumber and Snozzcumber seeds.

My third favorite part was when the BFG was like a stealth ninja. He was hiding like he was in a shooting area. He was so stealth that people coulden't even see him. When He saw someone he would try and find a good place to hide.

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