Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Gabe and Saia's trip to AMERICA

On Tuesday the 6th 2016 there were 2 boys from tamaki college who went to AMERICA!!!!. There names were Gabriel and Saia. They came in and told us about the places they went to. The places they went to was Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Twitter, Khan academy, Xero, Alcatraz, Stanford University and more. Saia told us what was his favorite places and 1 of them was Stanford University. 

He like Stanford University because it's one of the best University in the world and it had lot's of good education and lot's of good experience. Saia wanted to be a civil engineer in the Stanford University. Gabriel told us 1 of his favorite places and that was Alcatraz. Alcatraz is a dark prison in America, but it takes 50 min to get there on a ferrie.

Alcatraz was shut down in 1962 because 3 prisoners broke out of the prison. Gabriel said it was dangerous because the water in ruff and there's dangerous sharks especially great white shark. At the Alcatraz they learned about every place in the prison and they learned about how the 3 prisoners escape to.

My favorite place I would go to is Alcatraz, Facebook, Twitter and Apple because it sounds interesting and cool. They even went to the Golden State Bridge AMAZING right that's where the Golden state warriors come from. They went to a flash hotel in San Francisco and do you know how our McDonald's large is large, America's small is our Large crazy right.

One of the funniest moments they had was the bean boozled challenge. The bean boozled challenge is when you eat a bean, but you don't know if it a yuck flavor or a yum flavor. One of Gabriel's friend had a yuck flavor and it was dead fish. The yuck flavors are toothpaste, stinky socks, dead fish, booger, barf, baby wipes, canned dog food, sunk spray, moldy cheese and lawn clippings. The yum flavor were tutti-frutti, peach, butter popcorn, coconut, juicy pear, lime, berry blue, chocolate pudding, licorice and caramel popcorn.


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